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How do I completely uninstall mywinlocker?

Asked by Afos22 (3980points) September 18th, 2010

So, my laptop came with a program called my “mywinlocker”. I believe I had a 60 day trial to the thing, but it wasn’t a program that I was interested in using. After that trial ended, the program stayed on my computer. Because it was taking up space and memory I wanted to delete it .

When I tried to delete it the first time I faced a ton of problems and I could not just Uninstall it. So, I went into the the program and deleted as many files associated with it as I could. But I couldn’t delete everything, so I said “screw it” and gave up.

Today I saw it’s little icon down on my task bar, and it really bothered me that my computer came with an advertisement to a program that I can’t even delete. Again, I tried to uninstall it but my only option was “Change” in the install programs list. I clicked it, and after almost uninstalling, it window pops up and says that I can’t uninstall b/c I have a few processes running. Well, I went to the task manager and ended two of the four processes. When, I click “Change” to uninstall the next time, the two on the list of “Files in use” are “MyWinLocker Service” and Windows Explorer

When I go to my task manager, under services, I find the “MyWinLocker Service” but, when I attempt to ‘Stop Service’ a window pops up that says “The operation could not be completed. Access denied.”

Does anyone understand my problem?
Can anyone help me out?

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This is a problem i have heard of before, but not personally had. let me guess, an acer laptop?

what you need to do, is go in to safe mode and uninstall it, you can get in to safe mode by pressing F8 on the keyboard as the computer boots up.

an alternative to this, is to open the taks manager with ctrl + alt + del and close down MWL.exe and then uninstall.

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