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Can children eat activia?

Asked by YARNLADY (42440points) September 18th, 2010

At a recent travel hotel, the only choice left in the free breakfast was Activia. I hesitated to give it to the toddlers.

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My son loves yogurt (oddly enough… neither my husband nor I care for it) and I usually buy whatever’s least expensive. Most recently, with the store sale and the coupons I had, it came to about 85 cents for a package of four. That won.

My son loved it (ate two in one day, actually), and it didn’t seem to affect his digestion in any noticeable way.

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I thought Activia was just Dannon hype for the bacteria found in all yogurt.

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Pretty much. I think they have one of their own special mutated versions of Bifidus, which is in all yogurt, but theirs is Bifidus regularis… which apparently makes you poop even better than plain ol’ garden variety Bifidus. Or something.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I agree, I see no damage. I would say that it is unharmful.

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These are the dangers of giving fancy names to damn near everything, even going s ofar as to rename stuff that we’ve been eating since forever.

In this case, Activia is basically the same bacteria that makes yogurt be yogurt, but it really doesn’t do anything else. In fact, there was a class-action suit against Dannon for basically false advertising since they could not support the claims made about Activia.

In any event, Activia is harmless. It’s just yogurt.

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@katiebitch This question is placed in the General category. Since I assume you read the guidelines please provide the evidence to back up your answer.

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I never noticed any change in the things gastrointestinal when I ate Activia. But then, my GI tract is largely impervious to rogue microbes in the first place.

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I think it’s strange, because I always notice changes when I eat Activia. I think if you already are ‘regular’ it probably doesn’t have a huge affect…but if you’re ‘irregular’..oh boy it does. Well at least for me.

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Nope but that crap is horrible. Don’t be surprise if they spit it out.

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