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Remember that television show Sliders?

Asked by Axemusica (9465points) September 18th, 2010

… if so, that is the total basis of this question!

For those whom have not seen, nor remember the show, it goes a little like this. Briefly anyway, it’s like: A scientist discovers a way to Slide between dimension to dimension, but during his discovery is interrupted by others (who I think were his friends. Hey, it’s been a while). During some sort of “excitement”, they accidentally fall into the worm hole and begin their journey. Each slide (transferring between dimensions via the worm holes) leads them to a different dimension. So they never know if the one they have just slid into is the original one they had started from.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way.

Lets say, you were one of these characters or hypothetically you were in kind of the same situation. If you had just arrived in a dimension where your life was much more successful and more meaningful and so on… Would you kill yourself / your doppelganger (Or dispose of them some other way, such as offering them to take the slider, ect..) to keep their (your) life as your true dimension? Would you continue on, searching for your original dimension? What would you do?

*Bonus question**
What would your “Worst Life” (dimension) case scenario be like?

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I not only remember it, I loved it. When there were no more new episodes, I wish that I could find reruns, but I never did. Do you know where there are some?

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The Crying Man, “tears in my fro” ha. I liked that show in the beginning, it started to get lame towards the end.

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I haven’t seen that for a while, Here is something you might like.

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Apparently that wasn’t out of the way. ;-)

As to the question – if my choices were kill and adopt, or move on – I would move on. I don’t understand why killing this alternate self would be the necessary (or even intelligent thing). If the alternate is way more successful, and I could take over their lives for some reason without anyone noticing, I would just stay and split time with him (knowing me, I would love the opportunity to half my work…

The worst case dimension? I’m sure that there are a bunch of them. But – I bet it would be sliding into a world where everyone was on fire, all the time, and being poked with sharp things and hit with heavy things, and where everyone was really, really stupid.

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@YARNLADY—My husband and I had a “Sliders-a-thon” a few years back watching Netflix. You can watch it on download all you want. We have our computer hooked up to our television. I don’t know if that’s feasible for you, but it’s really fun if you can swing it.

I don’t think I could kill my “self” and live as a doppelganger, btw. And the worst place to live—this isn’t too original, but I remember some early episodes where they went to universes where the earth was practically uninhabitable because ecological disasters. The eternal winter one was pretty darned sucky.

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I would have to keep going. Even if it was pretty close to my original life. I would never feel the same way about the new family as I do about mine. I will always know that it isn’t my life or my real family.

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KatawaGrey and I loved Sliders! (Who couldn’t love the Cryin’ Man?) I wouldn’t try to take over a Doppelganger’s life for fear I’d screw it up. Worst case? Probably what @keobooks said, I’d hate to have to try to survive in a world where it was almost impossible. Yeah, curiousity and the desire to go home would keep me diving into that vortex…

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