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If you were going to live on the moon and could take one thing with you, what would you take?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 28th, 2008
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A self-sustaining biosphere.

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my husband!

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Johnpowell because then I’d have a friend and beer.

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Biscuits for cheese. Or pickles.

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My Wal-Mart card.

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the guy above me their, so we could thumb wrestle.

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My iphone

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weed, skins, tabaco, roach, doritos

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In general, this is a poll question, predicated on fantasy and inviting smart-aleck answers.

And here they are/

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My house which would have chinese food, my iPod, and my phone. (o:

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my boyfriend

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my ps2 & lego star wars

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gotta have tunes and the visuals would be a plus, so its my iPod with a charging source, of course

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…..Johnpowell has beer?
I’m in….

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brock says: his girl markee

Austin says:
a bottle of tequila

Brock: he’s an idiot

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My polarfleece sleeping bag liner ~ makes a cozy blanket.

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@amandaafoote Does your house include the people in it too? =X

crackers, to eat the moon cheese =] umy

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my I touch

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@iceblu only the people i like (o:

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@amandaafoote oh great everyones doomed except yourself =D

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@iceblue ahahaha, come on georgie, i would let you in my house (o:

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cornman had the right idea, but I would go with my Amazon Prime account: everything under the sun (and moon), no sales tax and free two day shipping!

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I see now what you are talking about. It’s bad when you want to stop following your own question.

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Can’t choose one thing.

My daughter, my dogs/cats and a large supply of diet pepsi.

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