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In the years you've experienced fast foods, do you now have definite preferences?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22632points) September 18th, 2010

I never realized how much fast food I’ve eaten until co workers and I were running down menus and debating where to go for particular items. What do you like and where from? I know there are things I haven’t discovered yet :)

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I sometimes debate in between BK and A&W…but fuck those bitches, Subway is where issat man!

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I enjoy Subway. I like the new buffalo chicken on the flat bread with ranch, and I love Jamba Juice.

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I prefer the whopper, but I like McD’s fries. Sucks.

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Steak n Shake chili. OMG yum! Don’t eat chili anywhere else. I love Subway, but I ordered the chili today.. it was basically weak Hamburger soup.

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Double cheesburger at BK for a buck and a half..What?

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I love the bacon 3 cheesesteak from Charlie’s Sandwiches (or something like that).
I like Bacon cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen, with fries and a hot fudge milkshake.
From Taco Bell, I always get a chicken quesadilla.
I prefer Wendy’s chicken nuggets over everyone else’s.
At KFC I always get their mashed potatoes and gravy.

I’ve ate way too much fast food over the years. Luckily I don’t go that much anymore.

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@Seaofclouds—oh man there’s something else to go on my crave list. I used to buy the large size of KFC mashed potatoes and gravy and 3 biscuits and go to town. ZOMG good.

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Another vote for Subway.

With all their liquefied cheese and dead mammal flesh sandwiches (at least that’s all they seem to advertise), QuizNo’s is really the Wrongway to go.

I also like Pollo Loco.

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I LOVE Sonic. I don’t eat fast food very often, but the sonic blasts are DELICIOUS. Especially with bits of reeces in it. mmm

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Rallys has amazing chocolate shakes. I haven’t had one in years, but I recall it fondly.

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Years ago, I thought Whataburger made the best fast burgers, but now they’re terrible. Same for Church’s fried chicken. And don’t even me started on MacDonald’s or Burger King. Awful! Bush’s fried chicken is decent. And Jimmy John’s makes pretty good subs.

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Steak n Shake makes a killer milkshake with real ice cream!

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Steak and Shake, if I must eat fast food. I like that they keep the skins on the fries and those milkshakes are so good! However, I will say that I like McDonald’s fries as well.

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Fast food junkie here.

Taco Bell- Double Decker Supremes w/ Guacamole or Beef Chalupa Supremes w/Guacamole
McDonalds- Big Mac with fries
Taco Bueno- MexiDip and chips and Muchacos
Wendys- Texas Double with fries
Dairy Queen- Steak Finger Basket
Jack in the Box- Tacos with ranch dressing to dip in
Whataburger- Double w/ Bacon and Onion Rings
Popeye’s- Chicken Tenders with mashed potatoes
Arby’s- Super or Beef’n’cheddar with Loaded Potato Bites
Sonic- Supersonic with cheddar peppers
Braum’s- 3rd pounder with chili or fries

My two favorites woudn’t be considered “fast food” though:
Applebees- shrimp and spinach salad with french onion soup
Chili’s- best damn chips and salsa known to man and the appetizer sampler (chicken crispers, boneless buffalo wings and southwest eggrolls)

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Subway- consistent and good for the $
McDonald’s- Egg McMuffin
Wendy’s- Double Stacker $ menu
Wendy’s- Breakfast burritos
Jack n The Box- best Jalepeno Poppers and cheap tacos
Arby’s- 2 for 1 roast beef sandwiches (I double the meat and junk a set of buns)
Burger Kind- .99 cent Whoppers
Chipotle- 1 burrito is two meals :p

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Right now, it has to be either a nice and juicy lamb D├Âner Kebab from the yatagan kebab house or a nice cumin lamb burger from Xi’an famous foods.

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Wendy’s chili
McDonald’s fries & chicken nuggets
Taco Bell bean burrito
KFC slaw and mashed potatoes
Duncan Donuts iced coffee
Burger King Whopper Jr.

I could list favorites from just about every fast food place. I avoid Sonic and Hardee’s at all costs, though.

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Dairy Queen bacon cheeseburger, mmm.

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@keobooks I would do that too. I also would get a large mashed potatoes and gravy and then a small popcorn chicken and dip my chicken in the mashed potatoes and gravy. I haven’t see a KFC near me, but now I want their mashed potatoes. :-)

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My favourite is Scooter’s pizza (ya’ll probably won’t have it where ever you are).
My favourite burger used to be Steers double burger, but i don’t eat meat anymore – their veggie burgers are not at all bad, but it’s not as good as the beef ones.
I also loved McD’s quarter pounder. I still like their chips and their chocolate milkshakes.
But the pizza is still the best! And definitely WAY healthier.

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I see a Scooter’s in MI, AR, and all over South Africa.

Interesting geographical distribution.

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@Brian1946 Oh! I had no idea, i thought it was just a South African thing. :)

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