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Will the shy girl ever get the guy?

Asked by lostinyoureyes (1121points) September 18th, 2010

Because he seems to always choose the extroverted one.

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I think a better way to ask yourself this question would be “Will the shy girl ever get the extrovert”.

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Here’s a secret.
It’s not that all guys go for extroverted girls. it’s that extroverted guys go for extroverted girls.

and us introverted guys are too afraid of girls to go for the introverted ones.

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Dude, I’d totally go for the shy girl.

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I am a shy girl, and still single :( – though am happy that I am cause my friends are always complaning about their relationship and blah!

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I agree with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard!!! I loovee the shy girls, I don’t like the really HAPPY Or Sad…..ones, or the really excited ones not really my style, I like shy quite ones that keep their peace to themselves. Sorta like me I guess, but over the computer it’s a different story for me at least. But who else goes for the shy ones?

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@FutureMemory Ok, so will she?

@Sarcasm I guess that’s true.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Sweet… I hope I can meet someone who feels the same.

@Thesexier Yeah, I honestly don’t know how people cope with relationship stuff on a regular basis.

@Vincent_Lloyd What do you mean over the computer is a different story? And thanks, I hope more guys like you and @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard show up…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, you totally can. I’m not the only dude in the world who likes shy chicks. Just give it time, and always remain confident.

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@lostinyoureyes Thanks for that I think lol, but uh yeah I mean I’m more open over the computer rather then being face to face with someone, I’m a shy boy and I look for shy girls. Simple as that, just hard for me to date when I’m shy ya know?

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Absolutely. Like slow cured epoxy, it may take a little longer but the bond will be stronger.

Go for the quiet girls. They are the most interesting.
By the way, girls. That advice is true for boys too.

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I think it depends on the situation. If you’re out at a bar or at a party, you need to be able to call attention to yourself in some way in order for someone there to notice you. There’s a lot going on in situations like that, and people who are too afraid or nervous to have fun or talk with someone sort of get lost in the shuffle. Extroverted girls are much better at this and are therefore more likely to gain the attention of a guy.

If you’re in a much smaller, quieter setting, however, then being introverted and shy might help you – he could find you mysterious and would want to talk to you more to find out what you’re all about, or he could find it endearing. In situations like this, an overly extroverted girl who is loud, boisterous, obnoxious and disruptive would most likely grate on everyone’s nerves (although some guys still might like this, you never know), and people would take more notice of you – the girl who is reserved, definitely not annoying, and has some obvious inner-peace. So I suppose my advice would be to somehow get the guy you are interested in in a situation like this, where he is able to really notice you and is not distracted by the crazy chick doing keg stands.

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Admittedly it’s a pretty vague answer but I believe it depends entirely on the guy. Some guys like quiet girls, some loud, some tall, short, thin, fat, weird, conventional etc. Maybe the belief that shy girls don’t attract guys doesn’t derive from reality so much as how the shy girl is perceiving things. If a guy, being attracted to her, looks at a shy girl she would be more inclined to assume he’s noticing something wrong with her while an extroverted girl may be more inclined to think he’s attracted to her. Just a thought.

Generally in a loud party with plenty of people I take an interest in the people sitting on the sidelines as I find that they stand out more, but this may just be me.

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@Nially_Bob I’m certainly not saying that every guy is as I described, but I think this is the case for the guy @lostinyoureyes is interested in, as she said he always chooses the extroverted ones. So her options, to me, appear to be that she either needs to pluck up some courage and put herself out there where he can notice her, or try to manipulate a situation in which they are around each other in a more intimate setting where he’s more likely to take notice of her and appreciate her unique personality.

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Agreed. I didn’t mean to dispute your claims, just emphasise that not all guys are inclined to be attracted to the extroverted girls even in an “extroverted situation” for future reference.

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I prefer quiet, shy but intelligent girls. As a somewhat shy guy I can say a little bit of shown interest helps a great deal. If a girl is too shy than I may take it as a lack of interest on her part.

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Well, in my opinion, someone’s got to be a talker in a relationship. If you put two shy, quiet people together, then it’s probable that not much is going to be said. It’s cliche, but opposites do attract… most of the time. It’s a law of physics. Be patient, it will come, and you will be glad you waited for it. I thought I’d never find that person that would completely understand me for everything I am… but when I wasn’t thinking about it or looking for it, he came along, and I have never been happier. Don’t rush things, because you’ll end up with the wrong guy who will never treat you right. Trust me… been there, done that.

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Yes, it can happen. You just need to find someone who’s thoughtful and more likely to appreciate a quiet girl.

@Sarcasm Speaking as a shy girl, it seems that even introverted guys are more attracted to the extroverted girls, because they’re flashier and more noticeable.

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