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Do you remember the 1st bit role acted by a now famous actor?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 19th, 2010

Like maybe Tom Cruise from the Outsiders (and Matt Dillon, Ralph Machio, Patrick Swayze, Diane Lane, Emilio Estevez and a few other notables starred in that old S.E. Hinton novel made into movie).

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jack nicholson – the little shop of horrors, but i’m not sure if that was his 1st or not. he played some guy who wanted his teeth pulled out without anesthetic.

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Peter Falk: Cabby at the end of the movie “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”.

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I used to belong to a YMCA bike riding club with William Katt, when he was 11 years old.
That wan’t really a bit part, but it was 20 years before he appeared in “Greatest American Hero”.

I remember watching Sally Field on the “Gidget” TV series but that wasn’t really a bit part either.

I didn’t see Clint Eastwood in his first movie, but here’s a clip from it.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York and Pumping Iron <<< funny

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Actually, @Hypocrisy_Central, Peter Falk’s first appearance in a movie was in ‘58. I met him in New York in ‘62—a year before he made “Mad”—and he was already getting pretty well known. At any rate, old movie lovers like me always get a kick out of spotting famous actors in early appearances. I’ve seen actors like Rock Hudson, David Niven, Tony Curtis and many others pop up in very early movies. In the great Alec Guinness film “Lavender Hill Mob, Audrey Hepburn has one of the shortest walk-ons you’ll ever see. If you blink, you miss her.

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Is that Indy on the train? Why I do believe it is! From the classic The Great Escape.

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Mischa Barton as a ghost in The Sixth Sense.
*only clip I could find, it’s set to music. Kinda strange

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@ucme Vintage Harrison!

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Robert Duvall as Boo Radley in To Kill A Mockingbird. Not a walk-on but I never knew it was him until recently.

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James Dean in a Pepsi commercial from 1950. His first paid gig. I don’t “remember” it because I wasn’t born yet, but I saw this in one of my TV History classes at uni. We all laughed at how corny the spot is.

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Jeff Goldblum as one of the home invasion rapists in Deathwish.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. getting a haircut in Coming to America.

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I also don’t know if it was his first part, but I remember recognizing Ben Affleck as like “Random Basketball Player #4” in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” the movie.

He should have stopped there…

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@Austinlad What about Farrah Fawcett lathering up old Joe Namath in the Noxzema shave commercial?

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Anyone remember Meryl Streep in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”? She had a small nut memorable part as his former wife who had left him for another woman.

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Jeff Goldblum pops up VERY briefly at a party scene in Allen’s “Annie Hall.” He’s the guy on the phone who can’t remember his mantra.

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@Hypocrisy_Central, TV commercial-wise, I can go you one better. In the early ‘70s, I cast two young actresses in a Haggar Slacks commercial—Linda Gray (who went on to co-star in “Dallas”) and Mariette Hartley, who has appeared on TV and in many movies. They were both struggling newcomers at the time.

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Tom Hanks in Happy Days.

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