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Are most girls shy or the opposite?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) September 19th, 2010

This question came to me from reading a question from Lostinyoureyes. Thank you! So it came to me are most girls shy or the opposite? I think they’re the opposite since…well honestly I can’t say why, but I just see that there is more happy and energetic ones than shy ones I suppose, but what do you guys think? Again thank you lostinyoureyes!

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You really need to stop asking this sort of question. You can’t treat people like stereotypes and by asking if most girls are shy or outgoing and what kind of sex women prefer and things like that, that’s the direction in which you’re headed. Every person (not just girls) should be considered on an individual basis. You can’t often say “most [any group]” is anything and be accurate.

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All girls are completely different—there are shy girls and forward girls. Sometimes really shy girls act really forward to try to compensate for their shyness. Girls also act sexual because they think they need to do that to get a boyfriend. It doesn’t mean they know anything about having sex.

There are probably more shy ones than forward ones. It’s just that the forward ones get all of the attention because boys have to do less work to get to know them.

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Girls like guys . We have mixtures of shy and outgoing.

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They’re all borderline shy/wild.

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I know I’m shy

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@MacBean summed it up perfectly. No group of people should or can be given generalizing stereotypes.

As you get older and experience being with a wide variety of people you will understand this more.

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I’m a naturally reserved, quiet person. I can be gregarious from time to time, but I usually like sticking to myself. Why? It’s because in real life, I have horrible social skills.

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@ducky_dnl at least you can admit you have horrible social skills, but don’t worry I’m with you on that part =3

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