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What happened, why did teens go from a boxing match to a gun battle?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 19th, 2010

What happened to the good ol’ fashion fist fight? When I was a kid and we felt we had to settle a beef with someone it was usually with a fist fight. Someone would call the other out back of the gym, or the football field after class and the one called out 50% of the time went. The caller out would have 4 to 6 of his/her friends and the called would have 4 to 6 of his/her friends. Then there would be a crown who got wind of it on the grapevine. The friends on either side would be there just to keep other people out of it, watch for teachers, and make sure there was no cheating. If there was no decisive winner after about 5 to 7 minute the friends on each side would step in and break it up saying ”enough”.

What happened? Though solving a conflict is better served without fighting, but these days many kids do not want to fight, they just pull a pistol and start shooting. They are afraid to see blood up close because it might be theirs? They might break a sweat if they fought with fist? They just have so much hate for who they have a beef with? They are afraid their expensive designer clothes would get muffed up? What made them go from a boxing match to a gun fight?

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Wish i knew the answer @Hypocrisy_Central ! I’m with you as we always settled things after school hours. When I was growing up, we watched Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, etc. but, today kids, see much worse at the movies, on TV, etc. Also, there were bullies during my day also, but we just endured.

Just don’t have a good answer my friend. Sure wish I did.

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Hahaha, what? You ask this question as if every teenager carries a gun in his back pocket.

“Dude, I saw you macking on my girlfriend at recess! I challenge you to duel! Pistols after the bell, by the basketball court!”

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@chocolatechip cannot answer for @Hypocrisy_Central, but it does happen more today than in our day, BUT, there are still LOTS of great kids going to school today.

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Not that I carry a gun (or even own one), but if the intention is to cause harm, a weapon would seem a more efficient way of doing so.

Personally, I think it is because of power or the lack of it. its part of an attempt to establish your self as some kind of authority. in a sense, a defensive strategy also. to try and build your self a reputation of some kind.

I think this is the same reason for there being so many gangs. part of me suspects its almost an imitation of the police, who are a gang, who are armed, and who are seen by many as an authority. they see that kind of untouchable power and want it for them selves.

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Well, now days you can’t have fights in school without teachers breaking it up within seconds.

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The shooting is mostly among gang members, it’s not settling schoolyard insults.

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Chivalry is dead. Now it is just a shiv.

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Because with the fascination to be a “thug” like in the rap and R&B and the whole gang banger crap has made it that “you aint a man less you bust a cap” when in fact in makes you less of a man.

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