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Have you ever been able to get over your disgust with something?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) September 19th, 2010

You may take this wherever you want, but I was thinking about two things that I find disgusting: tacos and arak.

When I was very young, I got sick immediately after eating a (home-made, funnily enough) taco. Since then, I can’t even smell them or look at them.

Later on, as a teen, I got sick after drinking too much arak – the licorice tasting drink – like ouzo. Though I do like, licorice, I can’t even imagine trying to drink the stuff.

Have you ever been able to get over something like this? Should I just accept it (it’s not the end of the world) or is there a way to get over these things?

Time, in this case, doesn’t seem to have helped. It’s been decades.

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I will never be able to get over my disgust of kidnapping, beheading, suicide bombing that kilsl innocents and other terrorist tactics.

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@Austinlad kidnapping has to be top of my list too. I once watched a film as a child called ‘I know my first name is Steven’ about a boy that had been kidnapped….raped etc. It was horrific. Thinking about it, I don’t know why my parents ever thought it would be a good idea to let me watch that…

But…brandy and whiskey mixed together with wine… I got very drunk off this once and no cannot get over the disgust…but I think it’s there for a very good reason… I should have had my stomach pumped…there’s no chance that will happen again!

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Homosexuals, yes, in my early teens I was a homophobic idiot with a knee jerk reaction and no argument. now in my late 20’s I’ll actually take time out of my day to defend them when necessary.

Because of your avatar, I should also point out that this change is mainly down to star trek, my love of vulcan’s logic and the entire moral ideals of equality displayed in the star trek world. Thanks to Spok, Tuvok, Data and other characters, if someone can show me a good argument I will change my mind on anything at the drop of a hat.

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I’ve attempted to get over a disgust of men people hawking up and spitting. It’s now okay if someone two cars ahead opens up the door at an intersection as long as it is out of earshot. Seeing a glob on the sidewalk still causes a gag reflex.

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I am still disgusted by vomit, but I had to “get over it” enough to clean up my kid’s sick when they did it.

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During Lent on Fridays we didn’t eat meat and one Friday I ate waffles and soon after became deathly ill not because of the waffles but because of an appendicitis attack. OMG I was so ill and it took me 25 years to be able to be in the same room as a waffle.

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Sauerkraut Juice. when i was around 7 years old, my parents both loved Sauerkraut Juice. since they loved it, they also thought that i should love it…..NOT!. i was more or less forced to drink this rancid stuff, just because my parents loved it. it came in a small can. i can still smell that rotten odor today. its imbedded in my brain, forever. please, never cook cabbage for me. you can have my share for the rest of my life.

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I’m with the public spitting and vomit….ewwww, but, with pets and raising a child, yep, I got over it. lol

I have also formed a very tough skin cleaning up the remains of various rodents etc. from the cats over the years. No problem picking up dead things with my bare hands and flinging them into the weeds.

The only thing I cover my ears and run from is the little ‘thud’ they make when they hit the ground after being tossed overboard on my deck. I don’t like the ‘thud’ sound. hahaha

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I don’t think I’ll ever get over my disgust of ants, worms, or any other bug with locomotion movement (except snails, I like snails). It bothers me that I can’t even look at them without wanting to kill it, or puke, because it’s not really the bugs fault that they make me sick. Literally sick.

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Yes. When I was a little kid and into my early teens then being around infants would make me nauseous and if I smelled them or had contact with their belongings then I would often get dry heaves or actually vomit. This was tough since I had a younger sister and was involved in her daily care. Once I got into my mid 20’s then the nausea went away and now I’m only slightly squeamish.

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The spitting thing, dirty teeth, and dirty long fingernails(not talking about mechanics here). And lemon gin and dentyne red gum- the gum to hide the odor of the over and over again vomiting.

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When I was pretty young, my dad, a New Yorker, brought home something called Halvah, which is a dense, nougat-like candy bar containing seed, nut, or grain, ground with a sweetener such as honey or brown sugar, and flavored with additions of ingredients such as rose water, saffron, dried fruit or nuts. It’s a popular sweet treat across the Middle East, often appearing at banquets and ceremonial occasions. However, when it appeared on our table, my dad made me to taste and chew a bite. Yuck! Its combination of odd taste and chalky texture caused me to spit it out.

Many years later as an adult with more sophisticated tastes, I tried it again. One bite and I spit it out again.

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@Austinlad yeah – I never liked it either.

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@Austinlad & @janbb: You can regift any holiday Halvah to me!

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I used to hate cheese, pineapple, and a few vegetables, but now I love them all, especially on pizza.

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You’ve got a deal, @Neizvestnaya My Dad would have loved ya.

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Growing up, I hated pineapple, fresh or canned. I’m still not crazy about canned, but over the years I developed a passion for fresh. I still can’t stomach peas, except in the form of soup (with bacon). And I don’t like celery in salads but like it in stalk form, preferably laden with onion dip.

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@Austinlad sounds a bit like nougat? no?

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I only know the tahini variety – which is essentially sesame seeds. But there are many varieties, and it just goes to prove my point: it isn’t easy to get over an initial disgust with something.

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@nebule The consistency is different – it’s more like flavored spackling.

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I used to hate—hate hate hate revile—cheese.

And the funny thing about that is that my mother told me that as a toddler, when she would put me in the shopping cart child seat and shop, I would eat cheese right out of the cart, and she’d have to pay for an empty wrapper at the checkout. But as long as I could recall I couldn’t stand the stuff.

Until an 8th grade graduation party that had pizza or nothing for lunch. Starving, I ate the pizza—and loved it.

I’m still not a fan of all cheese, but I do eat it regularly now. (But I wait until I get home when I pick it up while shopping.)

But I still don’t like beer, and never have.

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I never used to like plain greek yoghurt, but now i love it. I wasn’t disgusted by it though. I can’t think of anything that i found disgusting that i’ve gotten over now. Phlegm and someone spitting disgusts me and makes me gag too. Seeing someone eat a spider disgusts me to no end, i doubt i’ll ever get over that. Slimy kitty vomit makes me gag too, but luckily not too many of them are slimy.

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Oh – something else that disgusts me and I can’t get over is people with colds who are sniffling and snorting up their snot. It really bothers me even if they can’t help it..

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@janbb: the sound of back-snortling IS cringe worthy! Ack, my toes just curled in my shoes.

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spackling??? :-o

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I now have a whole bunch of new stuff to be disgusted by. Thanks guys.

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I have to add those seabugs that many of you enjoy eating- eeww.

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(Let napalm fly) Well, I have pretty much got over being disgusted at sex offenders though I still get the heebie jeebies when I see a rape scene in the movies or on TV or reaccounts on forensic TV shows. Especially if following the Bible near 80% of people are sex offenders. So, though I may hate the act I try not to hate the person, as I try not to actually hate anyone.

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I used to hate okra and am still not fond of it except for it’s splendid preparation at a restaurant that I went to called Muzita Abysinnian Bistro. The dish is called Teff Encrusted Bamya. Here is a link to the restaurant’s menu:

I’ve found that with food, if I just keep tasting a little bit of something, sooner or later I will find a preparation that I like, and sometimes I will develop a taste for the offending item if I keep trying it a number of times. I don’t think that would work for something that you ate that made you throw up.

I’m a vegetarian so I don’t know if this has something to do with it, but because I don’t eat meat I had to discover new foods. When I was a kid, lots of things seemed icky to me that I now love as an adult (mushrooms, broccoli, spicy food). I think your taste buds change as you age too.

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