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For those of you who have visited Hawaii: what was your favorite sight or activity?

Asked by Gabbigirl (56points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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The volcanos are cool on the big island and Waimia Canyon is great too on Kauai. Pearl Harbor is a moving place. My favorite is the Napali coast cruise… But then again scuba diving is beatiful too. Oh I can’t decide. It all great I mean it is Hawaii.

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Pearl Harbor

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I second gooch… traveling in a zodiac along the Napali coast with spinner-dolphins jumping out of the water next to me is my favorite travel memory, period.

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yes, the volcanoes! Climbing diamond head, an actual crater. I also really enjoyed scuba diving.

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Eating a hawaiian pizza on the beach catching a sunset

Sunrise on top of Maui’s mountain

Stroll and explore nearby towns and areas

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Buying a perfect pineapple from a street cart. Scuba diving. Taking a helicoptor tour of the island. Doing yoga at sunrise or sunset on the beach.

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Pearl Harbor, but really everywhere you look is beautiful!

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I was just a wee kid when I went but we ended up spending most of our time on Maui island. I went snorkelling with my cousin around a large chunk of volcanic rock that was covered in colourful sea life. We swam around looking at cool fish and plants for hours. I’d love to go back.

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From personal experience and having had lived there any place where locals go is the best. If you can find locals to hang with they truly know the best. As a local I suggest the west side of Honolulu.

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Okay I am in Kauai now. Just hiked up in Kokee today and that was really awesome also so add that to my list of fun stuff.

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