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Why is grapefruit not allowed with Lipitor?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) September 19th, 2010

I have been taking Lipitor with three heart stents for the past ten years. After all this time, i just noticed a one-liner on the packaging that states: avoid grapefruit, while taking Lipitor. I am not a big grapefruit lover, but i wonder what effect that grapefruit has on Lipitor? Question: If grapefruit has this effect on Lipitor, does it also have the same effect on other heart medications? If so, should we be concerned?

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There is a drug interaction with the grapefruit, making it less effective. Here is a previous discussion on Fluther with some links to information. There may be other people out there with more information; I just happened to remember this question.

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grapefruit is broken down by the same liver enzyme used to breakdown lipitor. Because this prevents full utilization of the medication, you are not getting a proper dosage. Meanwhile you are getting a buildup of lipitor in the blood stream, which will breakdown muscles and possibly damage the kidneys.

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