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How to change language on iphone?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone

how can u change the language to for example Chinese?

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go to settings, click general, look for international, go to language, and you’ll be able to choose. i don’t know if you can change it to chinese but you never know : )
hope it helped.

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I tried that,didn’t work

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This is a question better suited to be asked on Apple’s website. Please refrain from these kinds of questions on fluther in the future. Thank you.

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Here goes another of my bulleted lists:

• Jailbreak.
• Install BSD subsystem.
• Install Term vt100, MobileFinder, Erica’s Utilities, MobileTextEdit.
• Restart the iPhone.
• Go into Settings > General > International, and turn on any language and then turn it off. This will create a hidden system file called .GlobalPreferences.plist.
• Open MobileFinder, and hit “Settings”.
• Enable “view system files” or something like that. Exit Settings. Exit MobileFinder.
• Open Terminal.
• Navigate from your home directory to /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences.
• Once you are in that directory, type in this command:

plutil -c xml1 .GlobalPreferences.plist

• This converts the plist file to XML, making it simpler to edit in MobileTextEdit.
• Open MobileFinder, and navigate to /mobile/Library/Preferences.
• Double-tap .GlobalPreferences.plist so it opens in MobileTextEdit.
• Look for a line that says:
• Make a new line under it that says:

• Hit save and exit.
• Restart the iPhone and then open a program like Notepad, and you will see a small globe next to the spacebar (if you did everything correctly).


This is how I enabled Japanese input on my iPhone. I typed all these instructions on the phone so thanks for your patience and good luck.


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yes well I don’t have time to search and go through their annoying trouble shoot,thats why I seek answers on an answer seeking site.

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You will not find this answer on the apple website. It can only be enabled by hacking.

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thanks squirbel,but I hafta find out how to jailbreak

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Google. :)

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I went to the ziphone website but it wouldnt let me download,but I’ll play around with it some more

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Go to settings, then general, then international, then language, select one of the four, then hit done. I just done it to German, and it works.

You can also enable different keyboards, and still keep english as your default. When your typing you can hit the “little world” button, and switch back and forth.

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That works for any of the European languages, but he wanted Chinese…

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You can also change the regional format, which has Chinese.

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Yeah, but that’s for safari/web translation only… It doesn’t allow you to type Chinese with the keyboard, like this 御風呂

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how do you change the langage on your phone nokia 5230

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