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What TV show should I start?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) September 19th, 2010

I don’t watch TV on TV, but rather online later. I love Weeds, How I Met Your Mother, and 30 Rock. What’s next?

Started “Californication” but I didn’t love it right away.

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For something funny you could try Community or Modern Family. For drama maybe Fringe.

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Big Bang Theory

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Seconded: “Community” and “Modern Family.”

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I’ll stick to my standard answer of Firefly

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I’d go with Modern Family, Fringe, Eureka, Firefly.

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Just watched three Modern Family episodes…love it! Thanks!

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Grey’s Anatomy!! You just have to forgive Meredith for being.

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Did you like Arrested Development? Fox has a new show, Running WIlde, by the same executive producer, and two of the same actors, Will Arnett and David Cross.

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If you like science fiction stuff, I would recommend Dr. Who. It’s a little quirky and hard to follow, but the series only relaunched (again) about a year ago, so catching up shouldn’t be difficult. I would also recommend Life on Mars, either the BBC version or the American remake. In addition, Modern Family is one of my favorite comedy’s right now, and though I never thought I’d say it, Hot in Cleveland is also pretty funny.

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Keep going with Californication! I didn’t like it at all either, so I watched about the first 6 episodes and stopped for a while. Around 6 months later I picked it up again and couldn’t get enough of it once I got a lot deeper into the show. Now, I’m a Californication addict.

Oh and watch Six Feet Under or Stargate SG-1. In my opinion, the best two shows to ever grace TV.

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@aprilsimnel Forgot to include Arrested Development! I do love it, and will check out that one.
@Parrappa Thanks! I’ll keep going with Californication!

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@BarnacleBill He is right, What the Big Bang Theory.

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@Gamrz360 and @BarnacleBill I totally agree with the Big Bang Theory suggestion, but last season it was not available online while there were new episodes running. Once the rerun season started CBS put the episodes online. I am wondering if, with the new season beginning, they will take them back off-line.

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Sweet holy moly, you have
Boston Public
Boston Legal
The X-Files (highly recomended)
Allie McBeal
The Practice
Alias (4 starts)
Going to Extremes
Ugly Betty
China Beach
Married With Children

try some of those.

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