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How can I keep my cats from chewing up all the wires behind the computer!

Asked by Akua (4730points) September 19th, 2010

I’m trying to be patient but my two cats are driving me up the wall. They have managed to chew up every wire and cord behind the computer. The main computer cord, the digital camera cord, the iPod sync cord, the telephone cord, the speakers and amplifier cords, etc.. all chewed to pieces. I need some kind of repellent or some covers to put over the cords and mount them to the wall above the floor so they can’t get to the wires. Any advice from fellow cat lovers?

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Er..have their teeth removed?

Sorry, but are you sure that you want this Q in the ‘social’ section?

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Eventually, they’ll get a shock. That should put paid to their chewing.

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@lloydbird removing their teeth is not an option. But thanks for the suggestion and sure why not put it in the social section? I knew this way I’d get some creative answers.
@syz I will look into the Yuk_gel. Thanks. @the100thmonkey My cats are particularly silly. I doubt getting a small shock will deter them. At best it’ll scare them for a few minutes and then they will try it again. Not very bright at all.

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@Akua Electric shock in animals can be a life threatening condition. We tend to see them in the emergency hospital a day or two afterward with pulmonary edema and tissue burns. It’s not cheap to treat.

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What’s your cord management like? Bundle the electrical cords together so they look less like bits of yarn hanging down. Or move the power strip up, affix it to the back of a piece of furniture, then bundle the cords so they are short, and plug them in higher up. Some power strips have holes at either end so they can be mounted to a wall or furniture.

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Paint Stopzit on the wires, then coat them with pepper.

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Spray apple bitter on the areas you don’t want them to bite.

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Get cable protectors. Basically, they’re flexible plastic tubes through which you thread all your cables, fully protecting them, plus they will eliminated the dreaded cable tangles behind your computer that somehow create themselves overnight. ;-)

You can find them online or at any office supply or computer store. Highly recommend.

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BTW…are you SURE it’s your cats and not mice?

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Paint Stopzit on the wires, then coat them with pepper.

Gosh, I wouldn’t do that to my cat for anything in the world. Why punish them for doing something they’re doing instinctively. Wrap the cables in plastic.

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@Dutchess_III Well Im going to go out on a limb here and say that its the cats since I have never seen a mouse or mice droppings AND I would hope that a mouse would have sense enough to avoid my apartment since I have 2 huge male cats. My cats would have eaten the mouse before he got to the cords let alone chewed them up.

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LOL! True all that! Wasn’t thinking~ ;)

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@Akua – I think 120V is quite enough to cook your cats, or at least leave them lightly seared…

Get some cable tidies.

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Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. I’m looking into which one would work best for my cats. @the100thmonkey I guess I don’t have 120V because my cats are not cooked. WTF?!?!?

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