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A question about tests for colon cancer?

Asked by tan235 (877points) September 19th, 2010

hey all,
Just wondering, I recently did a blood test to check if i had any blood in my poop.
It came back negative.
does this mean that the chances of me having bowel cancer are negative as well?
My doctor said she is not worried about my health as my bowels have gone back to normal – she said that with colon cancer they don’t do that they get worse.
however i’m still paranoid… does anyone know if this is a sure way test to know?

She didn’t recommend a colonscopy.

Thank you

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I think you could easily request a colonscopy- then you can relax. I think that’s the best way to know short of a laparotomy.

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The following are recommendations for colorectal cancer screening in average risk individuals over 50 years of age:

Annual fecal occult blood testing
Flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years
Annual FOBT testing plus flex sig every 5 years
Colonoscopy every 10 years.


Colonoscopy results are highly dependant on the person doing the colonoscopy.

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Blood tests don’t reveal polyps which, if you have them, can be pre-cancerous. They’re usually not, but they need to be removed anyway—a simple procedure done while you’re under. Get the test. It’s not loads of fun, but it’s not awful.

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yeah that’s what i thought i’m in my 30’s so thinking my issue was IBS… after taking pysillium husks it all went back to normal.
thanks guys

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@tan235 If you’re in your 30s there’s no indication for colorectal cancer screening unless there is a genetic predisposition or a family history.

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@tan235, I had my first batch of polyps when I was 31. They were non-cancerous, but the doctor insisted on removing them to avoid problems down the road.

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hey @austinlad, what made you realise you had poylps?
was something weird going on or just a routine check up?

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