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What is the best site for designing and purchasing business cards?

Asked by melanie81 (792points) September 19th, 2010

I’m looking to order some slim or square-sized business cards, with some simple templates to choose from. I’m really not interested in Vistaprint, as all of their templates are pretty ugly and cheap-looking.

I’ve used before and LOVE their designs, but…they don’t appear to have the slim/square-shaped option :( Any suggestions?

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Why not go to OfficeMax or some other local office supply store? Then you can really see what you’ll be getting.

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I haven’t tried them before (as I haven’t required the use of business cards) but I love the look of Moo Cards.

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I love the service I’ve had from Iconix. The quality of their work is excellent, and their attention to orders and customer satisfaction is extraordinary.

I supplied the design, but I would have had confidence in their designer if I hadn’t already had my own art work.

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The graphics purchasing side of me leans towards letterpress cards.

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I have had quite a bit of success and great product result with

augustlan's avatar has mini business cards with a lot of cool templates.

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How about getting creative? Find empty cereal or cookie boxes… cut to size… stamp business info on the back. They will surely be memorable… plus the ultimate in recyclable.

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Thanks everyone! I ended up going with, though I really liked as well. Turns out, a friend of mine has used moo before, and her business cards are pretty amazing – thick card stock, professional, etc. And not too expensive!

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