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What is something about you that would be considered nerdy?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 19th, 2010

If there isn’t anything what is something that a nerd would do ,say, or wear?

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I am a birdwatcher. ;)

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My deep, deep, abiding, and completely earnest love for star trek. (I’ve never been to a convention, though).

Of course I also have more books than god.

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A lot. On the surface, I sometimes get mistaken for a beer-pong playing bro. And well, that wouldn’t be all that inaccurate. But there’s much more to me. :)

For one, I love languages and am even in the process of creating my own language. I write fantasy, I like some anime shows, I have the periodic table memorized, I love electronic gizmos and anything to do with computers, I like to read, reading about various historical events on Wikipedia is my idea of fun, etc.

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I read way too much science fiction, I watch way too many science fiction movies and TV shows, I quote Star Trek at inappropriate times, I named a dog Gallifrey, and I wish I had a TARDIS.

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I can tell you the difference between a “Trekker” and a “Trekkie.”

I’ve been to GenCon twice.

I met my boyfriend playing Magic.

I’m sitting here watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition.

Edit to add: I also have a regular Fellowship of the Ring DVD signed by Ian McKellen.

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There are probably a lot of things about me that are nerdy. I love gaming (table top, card games, board games, and video games). I have been known to stay up all night and get wrapped up in a game I really like (like I did last night with Final Fantasy XIII). I read a lot. I love Star Wars. I have been to numerous anime conventions. I cosplay. I love science. I have a lot of electronics and love getting new ones. Shopping for electronics and books is the only type of shopping I really like. There are probably more things as well, those were just the ones I thought of for now.

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@Aster: How is being pigeon-toed nerdy?

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I just think it is. Maybe I don’t know the definition.

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Everything about me! Seriously, my nickname is nerd. I read a lot, am full of useless facts, make straight A’s for the most part, and people just tell me I’m a nerd all the time!

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@Aster: Read the answers above you. Being a nerd has more to do with specific interests than a physical anomaly.

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Oh, sorry. Specific nerdy interests . How about my stuffed bichon?
Does that count? Pyramid power? I’m interested in those theories.

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I play Warhammer 40k. lol

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Ohh gosh where to start. I play World of Warcraft. I can watch the LOTR and Star Wars trilogies over and over and over. I spent 3 hours today playing Zelda A Link to The Past on SNES. I own and wear thick-rimmed glasses. I frequently indulge in lightsaber duels.
Did I mention I play World of Warcraft?

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I love fantasy! Harry Potter, Eragon, His Dark Materials, Lord of the Rings, haha.

I even play Harry Potter video games =]

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How about music? There’s Barry Manilow and ABBA on my iPod.

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I love books, I wear glasses, I am shy , fairly well-read and my worst vice is drinking beer. My recreation is volunteering at the neighborhood food pantry once per week, fishing and running. I bicycle more than I drive and I am a regular library patron.

You would never guess these things from my Adonis-like physique and Brad Pitt visage.*

* Actually if I have “movie star looks” it’s Anthony Edwards

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When I take my boots off I have to tuck the laces neatly back inside the boot, not leave them hanging loose. Is that nerdy or just OCD?

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Hm. I love reading science and anthropological articles. Is that nerdy?

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I don’t even know where to begin…

Generally every weekend, I meet a group of friends (age ranges 20s-50s) to play D&D/Pathfinder. If we don’t have everyone to do that, we play Munchkin, or Talisman, or Clue, or Uno, or some other game. And get really stoned.

I watch/read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, and even write some once and a while. I played WoW for 5 years. I played a MUD (text based game) online for many years as well. I own a few consoles, and a souped up gaming PC that I don’t really use anymore. I used to play a Harry Potter message board RPG online.

I nerd out when it comes to historical documentaries, landmarks, museums, biographies, what have you. When I went to Maui I spent a pretty ridiculous amount of time at a whaling museum. Many, many people came and went as I meticulously looked at every artifact and piece of information.

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@tragiclikebowie You play Talisman! That’s awesome. We play that at our game weekends as well! I haven’t met many people that have ever heard of it, let alone play it.

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@Seaofclouds Hah! Yeah, I had never played it until this weekend, but I’ve heard them talk about it before, We played it on Friday – I WON. Booyah.

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Wow. Nerdy….hmmmm

I’m into mood lighting. lol

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At my software company, it’s the nerdy engineers and programmers who keep the cash flow flowing. In my eyes, that makes them way cooler than we marketing people.

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My incredible high…. Errr…. high IQ.that is!

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@Ben_Dover oh come on, you can do better than that. High IQ does not make some one nerdy.

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I play competititve crossword.

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@tragiclikebowie: Where do you live? I love Pathfinder and D&D! I’m starting a D&D game but I have no one to play pathfinder with…

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@KatawaGrey I shall PM you where we play!

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@Neizvestnaya I play competititve crossword.

Hardcore nerdness!!

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@jaytkay: right on! I use

I also chirp to my curious coworkers about my love for

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What’s not nerdy about me?

I’ve been to GenCon 5 times (I live in the host city and I get to go for work)
Been to one official Star Trek Convention
Several other misc smaller conventions
Also Star Wars Celebration
Big Trek Geek
I play Angband and other roguelike ascii games.
My big hobby is board games. European board games—even geekier.
I used to play way too much World of Warcraft
Husband and I used to play tons of Diablo II together—pull all nighters.

There’s probably more.

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I know Morse Code. That’s way nerdier than competitive crosswords.

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Morse code is pretty nerdy, a single step below Klingon.

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My body wore out, so that I am just a brain in a vat. I know the nickname of every real number.

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When my kids were in preschool, I taught them to recite the Greek alphabet because they saw a fraternity house sign and wanted to know what the weird letters were.

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@jaytkay Sadly, I have to agree with you.

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Nerds will never define themselves through specifics, but rather make references to, usually, forms of entertainment or some scientific spectrum they are passionate about and by which they swear allegiance to, in order to make a point or respond to a challenge thrown their way.

With that, I leave thee with this; what is a nerd?! smashes empty wine goblet pon’ the marbled floor

Inspired by a specific user on this site, and plenty of zombie movies.

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Oh my.
I play D and D, I read science fiction, I read books on physics for fun, I like zombies, I can recite Monty Python by heart. I listen to old Dr. Demento songs. I’ve read Lord of the Rings 6 times. I play the banjo.

Shall I go on?

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Star Trek as well and I’ve been to 2 conventions, got to meet Jonathon Frakes and made my con a star Trek costume for Hallowe’en. I made him a Ferengi costume for one convention. I love good sci-fi, and fantasy. Liked all the Harry Potters.

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@faye: You made a Ferengi costume? Best mom ever!

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Trial and error, too!

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My love of books and playing chess.

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Oh yeah.. I’m a librarian too. And a stereotypical one that wears the big floofy skirts and has slightly messed up hair when she goes to work. And I actually can get excited about the Dewey decimal system—I can get on a roll about that and MARC tagging.

Not only am I a librarian, but I’m the teen librarian who specializes in sci-fi fantasy and hosts gaming events. I’ve been paid to go to conventions too.

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I’m pretty much the resident Star Wars addict.

I dress up and go to conventions.

I’m 19, and still have Star Wars sheets.

I pretty much got my own 30 foot banner at Celebration V. (I was the model for the lead character in a new comic series coming out.)
See also: Me with the author of the comic

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I am a Boy Scout Leader and wear a spiffy uniform with patches.

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@keobooks – A librarian?! That’s my other dream job! Wow… AND you like Diablo II. I’ve played it through, and the expansion set about 4 times. I have to set a timer on myself so that I don’t waste a whole day on it!

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People who think that Klingon is a language

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@Hawkeye Excuse me, would you like some of this Gak?

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@Hawkeye Hawleye Are you saying nothing about is nerdy at ALL? Hmmm. LOL

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@Hawkeye It certainly is with other Klingons!

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Oh dear, where to begin.
I love computer games. I play World of Warcraft, TF2, and a few other games by valve.
I went to the PAX a few weeks ago which is a convention for gamers.
I have a t-shit that says “I Love portal” With love being replace by the companion cube.
I like Star Wars.
I love the Lord of the Rings movies.

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I guess I’m a hippie nerd.

I just eat a brownie and wander around in mismatched clothes in my garden. lol

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@Coloma I just love you…. for that too.

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@rangerr oh my god…that is so rad. i’m so jealous of you!

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@isuppose I get jealous of myself sometimes. I’m still in awe.

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You will need to tell me if this is nerdy enough, but I love photography and take my camera everywhere. I especially like taking it into stores to take photos of things that are piled up such as this:

Only been kicked out of a few places so far. Totally embarrasses my family. Nerdy??

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@bippee I LOVE IT. Your are such a good photographer.

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@bippee: That one of the spices is absolutely wonderful!

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@bippee : You have a fabulous eye!

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Okay, I am officially middle aged nerdy.

I call my daughter every time I hear a song I like from the 90’s & early 2000’s when I can’t remember the artist..

She has put about 50 million albums/songs on my computer but I never remember the artists. lol

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Let’s see- . I have an iPod, iPad, iPhone, a Macbook, and a desktop. My glasses would be coke bottle if they still made them that way. I love to read, and my best friends and I used to take books out on the playground. We also figured out what letters that the Runes replaced and used them in notes. Oh yeah- I was in FTA and 4-H. Now I still love to read fantasy and sci-fi books and I adore Mythbusters on Discovery. Especially Adam Savage, lol!

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I forgot to mention that I love “Star Trek the Next Generation,” “Voyager,” and “Deep Space Nine.”. I’ve been on four and am going on my Fifth “Geek Cruise” for Apple
computer people-, one of my
idols in life kept learning- after
the university said he had to
stop earning degrees (don’t
know why they would, but they did!) he was old enough to go
just because he wanted to. I had to quit working at Barnes and Noble- I couldn’t afford it- the discount made it worse!

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Also, my husband took me to see Duran Duran. I’m 40, and in line we were surrounded by people my age who were all singing along to the music and

exchanging “remember when…” stories . Help! I’m turning into my mother! Before she died she told me that I would eventually. ‘djk?.‘l@@ her! ;0)

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I was in awe of my mother- in law she had more books Than I did, but she was in her 60’s when she died. Now, though, we’ve donated most of mine- I don’t need to own them. That’s why I’m friends with other bibliophiles, and live near 6 or 7 university libraries!

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I cried when Bub discovered that his mentor was dead.

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:( Reading all this…I’m not nerdy at all. sniff.

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@Symbeline Oh my god, I did, too.

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