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What region of the U.S. is your favorite?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 19th, 2010

You know,
Deep South
West Coast
East Coast


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Southeast Because this has been home for my entire life! Plus, the weather is good most of the time. Love the seasons of the year. The people here are laid back and friendly. This is home.

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West Coast.

The weather, beaches, and the fact I’m less than 2 hours away from: snow, desert, forest, mountains, valleys, and just about every other climate.

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Pacific Northwest because it has everything! Mountains, water plains, all seasons, but the less drastic weather changes, lovely people, fabulous ethnic diversity… Damn. Now I really miss it.

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Midwest (specifically Chicago) is my favorite because I have more friends here. Plus the city is fantastic plus Lake Michigan.
West Coast – I lived in LA for five years, actually I was back and forth between LA and Chicago for 8 years. Mountains, ocean, desert, 12 months of bicycling, I LOVE LA!

Deep South I lived in Lousiana and Florida for a year, they have their virtues, especially the history in New Orleans I loved, but the humidity is too much for me.

That’s my geography report!

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West Coast

Here’s why: most diverse geography and weather. That’s really the main reason. Only in the West can you have such a wide range of geographical regions: redwood forest, temperate rain-forest, flat valleys, desert, and miles and miles of coastline. I love the Mediterranean climate and only in the West can you find that climate in the U.S.

Not to mention the diversity of people and political leanings.

@heresjohnny Exactly. GA.

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Deep south. I live there and people are laid back. Alot of retired folk not much in a hurry.

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I have only ever lived on the West Coast (specifically in Southern California.) I have traveled to the Midwest once and the Southeast three times, but don’t feel as though I spent enough time in either region to make a proper comparison. I can’t imagine life outside L.A. County. It kind of boggles my mind how different the rest of the world is (in a good way.)

I hate the weather here and the traffic. I deal with it though. I’m not about to bad-mouth my home state – even when it infuriates me. It’s home.

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Pacific Northwest. It’s close to Canada, the flowers are huge and look fake, it’s near the ocean, the seafood is fantastic and it has mountains. But….I’ve only visited it and hear it mists half the year which would depress me. My heart is in the Northeast because I grew up there , they have the most amazing hoagies and pizza and lots of cultural events. I was 100 miles from their beautiful snow white sandy beaches and all those seaside places like Beach Haven and Seaside Heights.
But the crime scares me .
So does the traffic. I’ve never been to Maine or Vermont but I’d love to go and see those states.
I love California. Not Los Angeles but where my ancestors lived in St Helena . I know it’s gorgeous there and they have lots of fruit trees and flowers and great weather.
It’s hard to choose.

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I miss the east coast. I loved being so close to everything. I was within a 2 hour drive to Philly, Baltimore, and DC and a 3–4 hour drive to NYC. There were beaches to go to and tons of events going on all year. I loved the season changes and the weather there too! I’ve been to the northwest once and it was really pretty, but I don’t know anything about living there. I don’t like the midwest (Kansas) and I really didn’t like the part of Texas we lived in either. I am looking forward to making it back to the east coast soon!

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The nicest place I’ve ever lived (if you have the cash to get a decent home there) was Santa Barbara, California. So that would be the Southwest. It had a great climate, really friendly, laid-back people, great beaches and beauty to bring tears to your eyes.

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@Seaofclouds : Let me know when you come East, I’ll buy you lunch!

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There really is so much about the entire U.S. that I love (except for L.A. (sorry)). But I can’t get away from the Northeast. I love seasons, the speed and the people.

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Northeast – I’ve lived here my entire life. I love the history, the scenery, the ocean. I can live in the woods and be away from people but still be close enough to civilization. I love the seasons, especially fall. Even winter doesn’t bother me.

But I fell in love with the Deep South a little bit on my couple of trips down to Lousiana and Georgia. But I can’t handle the humidity – it makes me physically ill.

I also have a soft spot for the Southwest having sort of lived there briefly during a rough time as a teenager. I spent a lot of time in Las Cruces, NM. It wasn’t nearly as built up then as it is now but the mountains are gorgeous. When I was there, it was just easy for me to think. Everything was just sort of slowed down. I miss that.

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West. The West is the best!

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West coast, California. I’ve been all around the USA and have never regretted growing up and spending most of my adult years there. Mountains, oceans, valleys, deserts, snow, rain, sun, springtime weather. I mostly miss the cultural diversity and the amount of things to do I was used to such as museums, art galleries, gorgeous nature jaunts, some of the best variety of foods. When I lived in the Bay area (SF) then it felt as though the rest of the world came to us.

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New Mexico…...Santa Fe/Taos…..the mountains.
For friendly folk…Texas.
For temperate climate…Northwest.
For the best autumns…New England.
For falling in love…Midwest.

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West Coast and East Coast. I’ve avoided most of the creamy center.

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i fucking LOVE the southwest. its too hot to live there for me, but there is so much stuff to see and it is all so beautiful.

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The northeast. The west coast makes me suicidal, the midwest wreaks havoc on my agoraphobia, and anything further south than about Philadelphia has unbearable weather.

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Someone already praised my favorite place. I lived in Santa Barbara for nearly 15 years and raised my oldest son there. We miss it all the time.

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@YARNLADY That would be me. I live in Boston now, and I really love this city as well. But if I could afford a nice house in a prime part of Santa Barbara, I’d move back ASAP.

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I’d love to be back in the Northeast. California is nice, but I never meant to stay here for good.

Actually, after spending about half of my life (so far) in each place, I’d love to be able to shift easily between the Northeast and the West Coast, relocating whenever I got tired of one or homesick for the other.

I did have three years in the Midwest, and nothing is tempting me back there.

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The Coastal Northwest is some of the breath taking real estate in our country but I have never been there. I have been to the mountains of N. Carolina and thought that so relaxing and felt the southern end of the Blue Ridge range would be a nice place to retire.

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@Jeruba If you figure out how to pull that off, I will pay for some consulting. :-)

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