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What's the best twitter app?

Asked by gards (20points) March 28th, 2008
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I was using Twitterific and liked it a lot, but I just started trying Thwirl today, and this might be the winner for me. Highly customizable, no ads, more features (like search)... seems great so far. It runs on Adobe’s AIR platform, so it works across most operating systems.

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I use Twitterific at home (on the mac) and i started using Twhirl at work this week (on a pc). I second @bmrumble. I might be switching to Twhirl at home now. I think it’s definitely worth a try. I’ll give it a little more time. I do love the little bird for Twitterific.

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Twitterific, hands down.

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Twitterific before yesterday, Twhirl from now on. Twitterific’s ads were annoying and Twhirl supports multiple accounts. AIR sucks, but I’ll live with it I guess.

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