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Do you believe in Satan?

Asked by flutherother (28951points) September 19th, 2010

Do you believe that the Devil is at work in the modern world and if so what form do you think he takes nowadays?

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I don’t think he exists, and that he would apparently seek to tempt men into sin and oblivion seems like quite a very human cop-out to not address one’s own responsibilities and actions.

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No, I do not believe in Satan (though he is an interesting character in literature.)

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No. Nor God.

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I wouldn’t mind believing but I never have.

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If there are forces working behind the cosmic curtain, I don’t think that one of them is intent on bringing suffering to mankind. That seems like a pretty narrow focus for something like that.

Of course, there are human douchebags – who’s to say that cosmic superbeings can’t be petty too?

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In nomine Satanas!
Actually, I don’t believe in Satan just like I don’t believe in God

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Oooh – crap…I assumed he was the evil Satan – alright…which Satan are we talking about.

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I believe that Lucifer is a manifestation of our Id, just as the good God (Yahweh, Allah, etc.) is a manifestation of our Superego. But I do believe in a higher power.

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Does anyone on this site believe in Satan?

Lawlz. Either this is a nice response or it came up at an opportune time.

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No. But he’s a fun character – I’d enjoy having sex with him.

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I am waiting for “Do you believe in Odin?”. Make it happen, fluther!

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Satan, here. What do you want to know?

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As a godlike personality embodying evil, tempting people and then punishing them for doing what he tempts them to do? The idea doesn’t bear any resemblance to believable reality.

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I worked with Stan for several years, so, yeah, I do believe in him in.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Where the hell’s mah zombie invasion? Cmon DO IT

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@Symbeline, give it time, my dear. When the Seventh Seal hath braketh, then shalt the dead in Christ rise to eat the flesh of those who hath not been raptured-eth upeth.

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tbh, I think “In League with the Fiddle Playing Creole Bastard” would’ve been a better song title than “In League With Satan”

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard lmao that was awesome. If The Bible was that cool I’d totally read it over and over.

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Yes and he terrified me when I was an even younger child. It was December 24st and I sneaked into the living room to catch my parents hide the presents, only to find Satan putting the presents under the tree. He spotted me and said in a deep creepy voice “Since you have seen me do it, I must now murder you.”.
That made me snap and I pulled out my box cutter, stormed at him and slit his throat. After that I went upstairs to get my parents and told them that I had just brutally executed Satan. When we got back to the scene, Satan’s body was gone.
He is hunting me ever since.

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Don’t really believe in God so no I don’t believe in Satan. I think Satan is an excuse for people to make when they break one of the 10 commandments… Or whatever sin they committed. I don’t like the idea that anyone has control over my mind and I think it’s really a creepy concept. I don’t understand why some religions bash Harry Potter because but yet they believe in Satan!! One more hypocritical thing of religion.
Now… I do believe in George Bush though… He’s definitely real.

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I have an idea.
Let’s make this thread get 666 replies!

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If the belief of demons being the culprit for some humans having a bad life. Then by all means I have like 50 demons following me.

Other than that, no I do not believe in satan.

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Satan is just Santa scrambled up.

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So the Devil was invented by Coca Cola. I don’t know if that’s awesome or just really bad.

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Umm – no.

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All right, fine, 616 replies.

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Not particularly. To me, Satan seems to be an entity to blame when you don’t want to blame bad luck or bad people…or yourself…

A scapegoat of scapegoats. That bad thing happened because of Satan. I don’t have to worry about what I or the people I know did to cause it…

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Of course he exists. Without him there probably wouldn’t be any music worth listening to.

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Uhh where do you think we get spicy food?

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No. He’s merely the symbolic personification of evil.

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Growing up with the bedtime story of Little Orphant Annie and working with someone who appeared to be the spawn of the devil, it is amazing that I don’t.

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Satan came and he wanted to gamble with me. I told him no way. I invest with Vanguard.

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Yes. He is disguised as the coyote that ate my cat last week.

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Nope, not really.

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No, unless he’s being referred to in a metaphorical sense.
I’d actually be very interested in meeting Satan if he were proven to exist in a human form. To compare oneself to the manifestation of all the worlds evils would no doubt prove an unprecedented experience, and though I mean no offence to those who believe in and abhore the existence of Satan I have a suspicion that he would be a rather charming and likeable fellow.

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No, I don’t believe. Satan is just an entity that was created to blame evil actions on to gain social control of the population.

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I don’t believe in Satan, nor do I believe in a place called hell.

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@tranquilsea – I’m pretty sure God was the one to created for social control. Satan was invented to get God off the hook for things like typhoid fever, intestinal parasites and male pattern baldness.

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@fundevogel “Satan was invented to get God off the hook for things like typhoid fever, intestinal parasites and male pattern baldness”

Which equals social control to me :-)

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No, evil people? yes.

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I believe there are evil spirits (demons) and evil entities (formerly humans) that continue to try to force their negative energy on the living. I do not believe in a literal head of all evil called Satan or whatever. I believe evil will always exist but I also do not believe even the worst entity will stay evil forever. Even the worst entities will eventually call for god’s help and reach the light even if it seems to take eons of time for them to do so. I do believe in universal karma however.

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The Bible says he’s real and I belive the Bible with my life. I don’t belive he takes a specific form though. Also, I once heard ”Believing in Satan is one way of doubting God.” If he did take a specific form though, he’d be my neighbor. :/

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If you can believe in Hitler why can you not believe in Satan?

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Yes…I live next door to him. Not all that scary in fact a bit of a pussy!

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No. The only satan that i think exists is in the form of greed, selfishness, lying and such.

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If a creature made of flames and coal appeared before you late at night and said he was an emissary from Hell and that he and his master would be most obliged if you could help them in some small matter you would be merely frightened. Satan wants more than that. He wants to win you over without you even realising it is happening. With Satan it is always seduction, seduction, seduction so smooth and pleasant that you are won over before you realise it. Of course no one believes in Satan anymore. That is why he is so powerful.

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I’m with @NaturallyMe

‘Satan’ is mans ego and it’s hunger for power/control, lust, money, in those with a lesser evolved conscience and consciousness.

All things ‘evil’ are the work of ego not an entity called ‘Satan.’

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan Claus.

Oh, wait…

Never mind. No, I don’t believe.

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If you are asking if I believe that there is a red guy with horns and a pitch fork somewhere deep underground who punishes sinners who are eternally damned to his domain, no.

However, if you are asking if I believe in the concepts of good and evil, then yes. Actually, I believe that @CyanoticWasp hit the nail squarely on the head. As with Santa Clause, the Satan character is a symbol that we can use to more readily discuss the broader concepts of good and evil.

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@flutherother – If you can believe in Hitler why can you not believe in Satan?

Well, there is footage of Hitler, I can interview people who saw him speak, people who worked for him and pour through mountains of contemporary accounts of his actions. I can find record of him with the publishers of Mein Kampf, his signature on notarized documents and his photo in newspapers with other figures that can confirm the events depicted. Why, I could even look at the voting ballots that got him elected.

I but I can’t find any evidence at all to support the existence of Satan.

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Hitler was his own nightmare.
It was programming and sociopathic traits that led him down the road to hell, not the devil himself.

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Hitler, if you believe in him, demonstrated that people can be manipulated into doing the most terrible things, things that they know are wrong. He showed conclusively that human beings are susceptible to evil influences. Was Hitler the Devil in disguise? Did the Devil create Hitler or did Hitler bring the Devil to life. A man with a funny moustache and hairstyle existed, but a figure with horns dressed in red tights did not. Or was it the other way round. It doesn’t matter because even if the Devil never existed we managed to create him anyway.

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@Coloma I am sorry but Hitler was trying to be a nightmare. He got off by doing this . What can I do to make it more so? He’s family was jewish but he hated everyone that was so. My grandparents were in concentration camps. He was to him was destroying a part of himself he didn’t like.

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Of course, I just meant that he was conditioned and mentally screwed up all by himself, no devil needed.

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