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What's up with all the words underlined with a double green line/link here on Fluther?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 19th, 2010

I ain’t clicking no unknown links!

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They are links that people have inserted to clarify their response. So don’t click on them if you don’t want to.

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Not the red underlined links…The Green Double underlined links

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I haven’t seen any links like that here. Are they showing up in questions and/or answers, or other places? Can you link to an example?

I know you’ll see ads if you aren’t signed in, but once you log in they disappear.

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I know what you’re talking about; I’ve seen them on other sites. They’re ads. But I’ve never seen them on Fluther. How about a screenshot?

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me eternal Bible study class

Bible study has the double green link lines

From @Austinlad

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Also, Ohh gosh where to start.

Starty is a double green link


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Hmmm….they don’t show up for me. I wonder if this is something Fluther is trying out, and not all users can see it at this point.

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I don’t have any green lines.either. Is your browser doing something like a suggested search? Google Chrome?

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Are you using Chrome as the browser? ? ?

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Nope…Firefox .. Vista…PC

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Don’t get them either.

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I don’t get them and I’m a beta user.

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Firefox, Vista PC here as well, I don’t see a thing.

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I just tried it too…not seeing them Firefox, Vista PC.

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Vibrant is the advertising website that I seen with Double Green lines. They lead to a pop-up with ad content.

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You did it…“advertising website” is a green, double underlined link!

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I don’t see them either (on Safari). It sounds like something with your web browser/computer. I wonder if it could be adware or something like that?

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There should be NO ads if you are signed in. I’m thinking this is something wrong on your end.

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It is happening right now…It has nothing to do with my end.

@Tropical_Willie wrote: Vibrant is the advertising website that I seen with Double Green lines. They lead to a pop-up with ad content.

advertising website in that phrase is written in green with double underlines which link to;

On a completely different thread, @rooeytoo writes: Do you mean clean the screen? If so I bought a gel type product at an electronics store. It is good for lcd and plasma.

..electronics store is green and double underlined leading to this web page:

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It doesn’t seem to be happening to anyone else, so I don’t see how it could not be on your end. It could be a virus or something…

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Interesting idea. Never seen a virus like this. But perhaps my spyware failed to detect this new and unusual way of advertising.

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Nope it’s not happening to us. I’d guess a trojan on your machine.

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@Ben_Dover I think the fact that your double green lines are leading to “informationgetter” may have something to do with it. You should check your machine for adware or a virus.

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Thanks. so far it has been fairly benign, but I guess no telling what’s coming next. I am running a scan and if that doesn’t do it I will download @shilolo ‘s removal tool.

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By the way, how good is stopzilla?

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I have no idea. I use a Mac :)

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What does it mean if the stopzilla program states, “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more details?
Should I have done something like turned off my regular spyware ?

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I can’t reproduce this. But they need to say it is not them. If it is them it is a dick move.

I feel like we have done this before.

This is where Ben, Andrew, or Tim need to talk.

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@johnpowell Definitely not us… read up there ^^.

@Ben_Dover Your own spyware/anti-virus program may remove informationgetter if you re-boot your computer in safe mode and then run it.

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And other sites do this shit. It wasn’t crazy to think you had.

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@augustlan Thanks…I’ll try that!

How do you reboot in safe mode and then activate antispyware?

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Well, my problem wasn’t as serious as a Trojan. I downloaded Q-Bert and SuperMario Bros the other day, and apparently got the Mr Magoo game ads which underlines key words here on Fluther in a double green link to Mario games…

So I just went to the control panel and uninstalled the stupid thing.

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Glad to hear it wasn’t too bad. If you need to go to safe mode, restart your computer and while it’s starting, but before Windows launches, press F8. When I do it, I have to repeatedly press F8 until it comes up in safe mode, but you may only have to press it once.

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Thanks @augustlan I found safe mode quite easily. Never used it before. But now I will never forget it.

Also thanks to @shilolo for providing the link to clean up the mess.
And appreciation to @DominicX @Coloma @johnpowell @Seaofclouds @Tropical_Willie @iamthemob and @chyna

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Glad this got sorted out! I had the same problem after I got on the Sushi Games website. After that, I had all sorts of little green underlined words that were annoying. I was able to remove the errant software but not before it caused the above confusion!

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@Kayak8 I thought it was a whole new form of advertising here on Fluther LOL…

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Now I’m paranoid!

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I had a similar browser redirect (assholes) that wasn’t as benign as yours but after I found rkill it was vanquished by malwarebytes. Now I run rkill before every scan.

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