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Lawyer Salary?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) September 19th, 2010

How much does a lawyer with 20 years of experience, who graduated from a good school, who is at a high level postion in a major law ferm make each year?

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That is…a question with no exact answer. But a lot. Well into the six figures.

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Haha I know its not accurate, are we talking 400,000 or 800,000 anything is better than nothing!

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Depends mostly on if they’re part of a private practice, working for ACLU, for a not-for-profit, etc etc. Somewhere between 200K and well into the millions.

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Not that much unless they make partner, which has been less likely for the last 20 years. Our friends in that position earn about $200,000 a year.

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Yeah there partners, one does big oil like hess, and the other pharmaceuticals/general work for large business

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At current salaries, a lawyer with 20 years experience who is a partner in a law firm will make up to 250,000 or even close to 300K.

Lawyers in corporate or government jobs will have a high end of around 150K to 200K


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If they are partners, then yes, they are pulling down that sort of money, because partners not only get paid for their work, but they also get a portion of the firm’s billing. That is different than being a senior associate at a firm.

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Starting salary for a first year attorney in 2008 in NYC was 160,000.

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For a lot of them, right now, nothing.

Many of this year’s graduates still can’t find jobs. Many of last year’s graduates still can’t find jobs. Some who used to have jobs don’t have them any more. Here’s one who’s had to find an alternate occupation. According to my son, the profession has changed drastically in the past couple of years. With a number of established firms closing and seniors moving into jobs that juniors used to hold, it’s pretty hard to predict successes in the law field right now.

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My dad makes 238,000 a year, but he owns the firm with 2 other men. So I imagine if you’re a high-ranking employee, you don’t make quite that much, but around there.

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There isn’t really an exact answer for this question. Theres too many variables, what firm you want to work for, if you want to start your own firm, if you want to just work independently. I know a lawyer who makes 100k in a month and then only maybe 20k the next ) this is with high profile cases of course) so it all depends on what you’re planning on doing.

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