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What underwear provides proper moisture control?

Asked by zwingli (601points) September 19th, 2010

I seem to sweat a lot in my undergarment area. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem, if so what solutions can you propose? Does it matter the kind of underwear I wear? I wear boxer briefs so they can be a little tight. Maybe that contributes to the moisture. But even in boxers I can sweat. Help?

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You can wear wicking underwear. It is usually sold at hiking or outdoor stores. Try or another outdoor store or website. I wear them when hiking or exercising, but I don’t see why you couldn’t wear them every day.

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Do they really work? Where does the moisture go? Do you have to wear wicking pants, too?

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@wundayatta I don’t necessarily do manual labor, but I do work with kids. I find myself sweating a lot around my sack area and even around my butt. I apologize for being so visual.

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100% cotton?

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95% cotton 5% spandex

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@zwingli Why don’t you just wear cotton boxers? Cotton is breathable and boxers are roomy. I don’t know that much about mens’ underwear, but boxer briefs are stretchy, right? That means they’re made of something synthetic and synthetic is less breathable. And yeah, TMI!

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@Haleth sorry for TMI. I couldn’t think of a diplomatic way to explain the situation. Also I don’t feel I get the support I need from boxers.

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I like anykind of wicking material, that takes the sweat away from your body so even if you do sweat you don’t feel it. I live in the tropics and the humidity here means you work up a sweat just breathing. I noticed Jockey brand had some men’s underwear in a wicking material and of course nike makes it as well. It is much easier to find men’s cool max underwear than womens that is for sure. Cotton is good but when it gets sodden, it is heavy and clingy, the synthetics don’t stick to your body.

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I had this problem for the first time this summer. I wash rugs in a stuffy warehouse. I tried going from boxer briefs to boxers, but in the end the only thing that worked was freeballing. I don’t sweat nearly as much.

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Whenever I ride my bike to work, I sweat a lot in the area we are discussing. If you moisture stays there (and with cotton, it does), I’m at risk of developing a fungal infestation. Putting foot powder on the are seems to help enough to keep the fungus away, but it leaves me still uncomfortably wet.

Thus, I am quite interested in this kind of underwear. I tried boxer briefs, but I didn’t like them. They didn’t provide enough support and they the area free to gather sweat. Briefs seem to soak up some since they have stretchy stuff that allows them to stick close to the skin at that juncture.

However, with synthetic fabrics, there is the possibility that I might have an allergic reaction.

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Pant’s made out of merino wool. Seriously, don’t laugh.Wool is much better at dealing with moisture than cotton, doesn’t smell (unlike man made fibres such as polypropelene) and is very comfortable too. Icebreaker make some very good stuff.

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I have worn wicking underwear all day hiking and have not gotten chafed but wearing cotton is very irritating for me.

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Sounds like you’ve yet to discover the joys of Gold Bond.

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