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Does anyone know where I can buy this book?

Asked by Jabe73 (4010points) September 19th, 2010

The book is called “Creation Solved?” by Ron Pearson. I tried Lufu and Amazon but with no luck. I would appreciate any help on where I can buy this book (and a cost estimate if possible). I really can’t find this book anywhere.

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@papayalily I tied that link from his own website and it said the book was sold out. Well thanks a real lot. It looks like they had it afterall. I really wanted that book. Now I can get it, thanks.

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The first place I look to buy books online is

They don’t list this title, but normally they’ll give me the best price and delivery information I’m likely to get from many sources, all in one place.

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You might check at , this website specializes in out of print books, hard to find books, ect. I have found several books on this site that I had just about given up on being able to find.

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Thank you everyone. I already ordered the book. No more responses needed.

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