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Can this book still be used or is it obsolete?

Asked by weeveeship (4632points) September 19th, 2010

I just started studying law. My friend gave me a BarBri First Year Review 2007–2008 Edition. The latest edition is 2010–2011.

The topics covered are standard (torts, contracts, civil procedure, criminal, constitution, property). However, I am not sure if there have been major changes in those areas since 2007–2008.

Is the book still usable or should I get the new edition?

P.S. The book is not required so I don’t think the professors mind which edition I use for class activities, discussions, etc.

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Chances are there will be some very minor differences, but the bulk of the text will be the same.

I took a business law course last semester and used an old edition of the book (the 2008 edition) and had no problem whatsoever. What you may want to do is double check on the internet if a law is still current if you reference it in a research paper.

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Are you in law school? What is this being used for? Is it your state or is it another, or is it the multistate?

The broader the issue you are looking at, the more useful those will be.

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I’m a 1L. The Barbri book covers the basics and does not mention any particular state.

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Then I’m assuming that you’re just using it as a study guide? Because then you’re just learning basic principles.

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Aren’t the Barbri materials are intended as review outlines for studying for the bar exam? It would be helpful in the same way Nutshells are helpful – as a supplemental material. What are the editions of your case books?

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Casebooks will be the edition the professor recommends.

Yes, I am using the Barbri book as a study guide and I am just wondering if the information in the outlines are still accurate or not.

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You’re not really going to be tested on the current state of the law – just on the general concepts. Any updates you’ll be told in class, and you can cross your notes to you Barbri books.

You should already have your casebooks by now. For the past month at this point…are you at a law school in the U.S.?

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We start late.

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You can use it as an additional reference. Maybe the changes that have been made will reinforce your understanding.

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