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Corporate boardroom styles which is better casual or button down suit and ties?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 20th, 2010

Which board room climate is better or which you would like to work in? The board of Hooters Int. are dressed all casual, shirts collars unbuttoned, no suit or ties while the Trump board room everyone in suits and ties, etc. Does the suit and tie gives more seriousness to the boardroom climate? Does the casual style put the Hooters execs at a disadvantage when they have to go have meetings and conferences with people more Trump like? If more Trump like execs visit Hooter like execs do they loosen up or expect the more casual execs to dress up or visa versa?

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I believe there is dress code , whatever the boss wears.. Hooters people are more relaxed. Trump people want to look professional they can make money. If I was a man I would do the suit not casual.

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Suits are the stupidest looking trash I have ever seen. They are supposed to be a suit of armor like in the olden days, only not so heavy.

The tie is a throwback to the slave collar.

Yep, any way you slice it, dressing up to look like a banker is just another way of selling out! (Or buying in…take your pick)

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I like the suit and tie look for the boardroom as I like the look and feel of a suit and I know women do too! ;)

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Clothing has no correlation to capacity to lead or make sound business decision. It depends on the culture of the board, and how the leadership sets the tone. I like business clothes, and the look, but I personally think that some people mistake packaging for ability. Looking like management doesn’t make you capable of managing.

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Just a tie socks and dress shoes.Anything else is showing off ;)

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