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What is the head banging music that sounds like the Cookie Monster or the Devil is the lead singer?

Asked by pattyb (786points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone

Every song sounds the same and I would assume every band sounds alike too. Every band has a fat guy with long black straggley hair. What kind of social misfit listens to this stuff.

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I’d rather listen to that than mariachi!

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every band has a fat guy with long black straggley hair??


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Speed metal or death metal.

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Nathan Explosion is the lead singer. He has long black hair, and sounds like the Cookie Monster and The Devil’s love-child.

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Pig Destroyer is another good example.

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I listen to this genre and am not a social misfit. Stereotyping only leads to closed-mindedness which keeps society from progressing but I going off topic and I apologize.

Death Metal (and rap) is an art form that will be respected by socially praised musicians, within the next forty years.

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I agree with riser, he took the words right out of my mouth.

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Sign me up for the social misfit club.

As always, I encourage parents being involved in what kind of music their kids listen to, but not so much because of the style, but because of the lyrics. Believe it or not, metal doesn’t have to be negative.

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@TheDeadWake~ i agree that metal does not have to be negative.
Green Jellys version of the 3 little pigs kicks a$$

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Suicidal Tendencies are the mutha f***in $hit!!!
lmao “all i want is a pepsi….”

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swedish black metal rules!

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The style you describe shares similarities with the “metal “group ( death, deth, nu, black, core) and some of the “core” group, grindcore specifically. Another genre, PowerViolence would share similar qualities. ( I always feel the need to note when discussing PowerViolence, that the band Charles Bronson is NOT PowerViolence)

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I agree with Riser and should add that headbanger rock is fantastic to listen to while doing mindless household chores.

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They all sound the same? Thats a pretty poor assumption to be making. If it all sounded the same, why on earth would people be listening to and writing it? Perhaps you should have a proper listen before making an unqualified statement such as that.

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