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When you look out the window of your dream home, what do you want to see?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) September 20th, 2010

The question pretty much speaks for itself.

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Water and mountains.

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Pine trees, a forest of them. And a good barbecue joint.

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I see a mountain, a big beautiful mountain covered in chaparral.

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Rain, trees, and at night I’d like to see a few stars.

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A paradise garden full of fresh flowers and afternooon sunlight. Or a creepy-dead garden with cold-dawn atmosphere,sounds weird but I like that.

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The Atlantic Ocean and maybe the poolboy ;)

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A lake or inlet of an ocean, and my sailboat floating at a mooring.

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My hottie working in the garden!

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Ideally i would want to see forest covered mountains (or hills and valleys would do too). I love trees and forests. A second choice would be the ocean.
But being realistic as to the areas i’ll really be staying in, i’d want to see a garden filled with big trees, lots of flowers and shrubs, thick soft green grass. And behind all that (or what i’ll be able to see of it through the trees and stuff), i want to see the high boundary wall around our property. I don’t want to see neighbours, i love high walls and privacy.
In this garden i also want to see nice garden furniture, bird bath with birdies visiting it, and little garden lights lighting up at night time.

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I’d like to add some water, a pond or lake. I can see the nieghbors pond and hear the sound of the stream that runs along the woods behind my house, but I’d like to see a little more. And maybe a poolgirl, If lucille gets a poolguy.

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A whole bunch of semi naked nymphos beckoning me into the olympic sized swimming pool. Oh & some trees.

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Oh yes! I want to see and hear a water feature of some sort in the garden too. The sound of water is so peaceful and pleasant.

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I am lucky. I see rolling hills, old field, mature deciduous trees, hardwood and evergreen forest, gardens run rampant, many accidentals growing between flagstones, birds, wild turkeys today,and big clear skies. I hear a stream and a small waterfall when there has been some rain, and I can see only three houses and only when the trees are bare.

Addendum: Spectacular dark sky viewing, many deer, some foxes, raccoons, skunks, opossums, turtles, snakes, red-tailed hawks, one unforgettable sighting of the bald eagle in a tree top next to the library, wild blackberries and blueberries.

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A garden Paradise, hot tub, and waterfall.

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A dozen comely lasses of virtue true.

Oh, and a lake and mountains.

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The house is up on a mountain—maybe halfway up. The house is oval in shape, with a large deck on three sides. The deck is a few steps down, so the railings do not obstruct the view from the windows. There are two redwood sided hot tubs, and a grill on the deck. The main living area is right at the front of the curve, and has great views on all three sides.

When standing at the living room or kitchen windows, there is an amazing view. The house is situated just above a pass. To your left, you see a beautiful fresh water lake. It is wild—no houses visible except for the boathouse that holds your crafts. The lake stretches off into the distance, the shore curving and sending out little branches here and there. There are sailboats dotting it’s surface.

To the right, you can see the ocean. It is farther down to the ocean than it is to the lake. In the evenings, you can see the sun setting over the ocean. In the morning, of course, it rises over the lake. Sometimes, at night, you can hear both the sound of waves crashing on the beach and the sound of loons calling from the lake.

There is a broad lawn just below the house, dotted with ornamental trees and gardens of many kinds. It has summer gardens and winter gardens and herb gardens and a vegetable garden. In one place there is a fire pit with wooden benches surrounding it.

Near the “wild” garden, you can see what looks like an amazing sculpture. It is quite large and there are long hairy metal structures that are kind of like pincers sticking into the air in every which way—like a garden with metal flowers, some of which gleam and others of which seem darker. The “hair” is vines and ivies growing out of pots and growing up along the structures, cooling them.

This is the swimming pool. If you look carefully, you can see a little patch of blue water. The sculptures guard the pool, and hide the changing room and the storage room. They also form a wind break, when the winds are too cooling. When more wind is desired, they move to open up spaces for the winds to come through.

There are several out-buildings off to each side of the house but towards the rear. There is a guest house, a small barn (complete with ancient red tractor parked in front). One building is an old milking parlor that is now a workshop. There is also a “water house” that sits atop a spring that, due to the peculiar qualities of the mountain, always runs with clear, fresh water, even during droughts. A little further away are a series of modern buildings cut into the side of the mountain. Some are small rooms where people can work and one is larger. It contains a dance rehearsal space. There are similar spaces on the other side of the mountain.

To the South, you can see a small fishing village on the shore of the ocean, near where the river joins the ocean. It’s no longer known as a fishing village, although the fishermen still work there. It is now an artists’ community, where many interesting artists come to stay for a month or two at a time. Some of them work or rehearse up in the buildings off on the ocean side of the mountain behind the house. When artists new to the retreat meet, they often ask each other where they work, “ocean side” or “lake side.”

Sometimes there are parties held in the old dance hall, and if you are at the house (instead of being at the party) you can hear the sounds of it come wafting up the side of the mountain if you happen to be out on the deck, steeping in the hot tub.

Other times the parties are up here at the “One Day Retreat” as the house is known. Many artists and other people from town mingle with the house guests. There is a large grand piano in the living room, and often times an impromptu band will from and people will dance. At other times, there will be more formal events, where a number of performers in many different genres will perform—each with their own five to ten minute time slot.

Yah. Definitely a dream!

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Nuclear Winter.

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My kids and their kids coming up to visit.

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Trees. Lots of them. Some rolling hills, maybe. Farm fields. Orchards. Mountains are acceptable too. Or I could go a completely different direction and go with the ocean.

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A 50 acre expanse of wildflower fields and a few deer with snow-capped mountains in the distance. I can barely make out a sign w/an arrow reading, “Target SuperCenter 3 miles ahead.”

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I want to look out and see lightning in a snowstorm again. Coolest thing I ever saw.

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Gardens like this, I mean.

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@Adirondackwannabe I saw several thunder-snowstorms during the ten years I spent in Michigan. I agree, those can be pretty damn cool, both literally and figuratively.

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@CyanoticWasp I was outside feeding my dogs one night and it started flashing. It was hypnotic. I leaned back against their house and watched for about 20 minutes. I think I’d like that at my funeral.

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The waves on the shore in the front, and the mountains in the back.

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When I step out of my (future) little cottage, I want to see Lake Muskoka, a beautiful flowerbed with tulips, bleeding heart flowers, and all types of colorful flowers. I want to see a cedar chip/dirt road for our driveway. I see a gravel walkway to the front door with trees all around. I see my husband coming home and my daughter (if I ever get married and have kids) running up to him. He picks her up in his arms and shows her the affection and attention she deserves. :)

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Trees and/or ocean.

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Rolling, green hills, and tall, tall cedars…

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