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My gf is pregnant what do I do?

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone

My girlfriend is pregnant. We’re both 13. She got it from being raped but she doesnt want to tell anyone else about it. She hopes she’ll just miscarry and if she doesnt she make herself miscarry. If she does get pregnant and have the kid she says she’ll run somewhere far away. Ive told her the questions will never stop and she should tell her mum. Should I tell someone? and if I do she probably won’t ever date me again. come on guys(and girls) this is serious I need all the help I can get, I’m so confused

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do the right thing…. Tell somebody! U have to look out for ‘her best interst’ not yours..

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Dating is the least of your worries. You must tell someone as soon as possible. She is only thirteen. Someone needs to be brought to justice and she will thank you later.

Losing this relationship is a tiny sacrifice compared to what she can lose psychologically. Do you know who did it? If it is a family member go to the police but only if you know that it really happened and please don’t take this the wrong way but your only being thirteen probably proves that you will have many relationships in the future no matter how much you might think she loves you now. The point is your natural maturity is going to be dwarfed by her forced maturity. Maturity, especially sexually, has been forced on her, a shift in her emotions and physical awareness will start taking place and this is not something that you can handle at your stage of development.

I am sorry, that is psychological proof. I am not trying to dismantle your masculinity or your maturity. You could be very mature for your age but there are sociological things that you have not experienced yet that are necessary in order to really help this girl. She is also too young and traumatized to know what is best for her.

Exercise maturity and contact the police if it is a family member and I am painfully sorry that you have to undergo this, both of you. Your youth is being violently ripped from your hands and it an inexcusable shame.

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okay well you are her boyfriend and only thirteen so she will more than likely listen to whatever you tell her. i think if you keep telling her to tell someone sooner or later she will, if it comes down to it you do need to tell an adult. tell her straight up if she doesn’t tell you will be forced to tell. i agree with riser having a baby even having sex is way more than a thirteen year old can or should handle.

if she is trying to miscarriage she isn’t only going to hurt the baby, she could hurt herself really bad.

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Talk to her about going to visit a pregnancy clinic. Almost every state has these private clinics that deal with teen pregnancy. Personally, I think she is too young to have a child and should have an abortion. And do not let “run somewhere far away” because there is no way how a 13yr old can survive in this world all alone.

I agree with everything riser said. Also you can even anonymously tell the police and other authorities about the fact that your girlfriend has been raped by calling this national hotline – 800–843-5678

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thank you all for the wonderful advice
now she hates me
I dont care
I talked her into telling her mum first
omg I’m eternally grateful to all of you
thank you so much

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biotechwarrior, I’m proud of you for making the right choice and one day she will be greatful to you, I know I would. :)

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your 13 you weren’t going to be together forever anyways.

good karma for you.

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If you really care for her, you should tell someone as to protect her. Hope you figure things out.

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You did the right thing by talking her into telling her Mom. She is going through a lot emotianlly right now, and her Mom can get her the help she needs. She may be angry with you now, but later she will be grateful to you. the main thing is that she gets the emotional and physical support she needs. Let her know you are there for her, but be prepared to give her some space while she deals with this.

She might push you away right now, but she will appreciate knowing you didn’t give up on her later on. she needs to know this isn’t her fault, and that you haven’t stopped caring for her. Talk to her Mom, and tell her you want to be involved in her healing process, and she can tell you what’s best. This is a horrible thing that will take a very long time to get over for her, so be patient with her. You are a great young man for doing the right thing. I wish you both the best.

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Tell someone right away. Do not hesitate and do not waste time. Tell someone, an adult someone. Her mother or her father or a teacher. TELL SOMEONE!

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@ judochop, if you read about five answers up, you will see the update on what biotechwarrior did and that he already told someone

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go to: how do i tip the police off anonymously,
it’s like part two of this question ha.

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@TheHaight: Oh my bad and my foot in my mouth. Sometimes I just answer the question without reading all the posts. I got all excited for him. Thank you for pointing out my errors.
@BioTechWarrior: Good job. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to tell someone and convince someone that they need help, even when it is obvious.

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no problemo judochop, :) I loved your excitedness in your answer.

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Well done. It was the right choice. Give it time and she might even thank you for it one day.

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You need to report this to a trusting adult. You friend should not just run away from this. Think of it this way, who ever raped her needs to be reported, if not he will do this to someone else. REPORT THIS S.O.B..

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try to get her to agree with you to tell her parents this is a serious matter and something must be done

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