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Social Studies - homework help please?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) September 20th, 2010

The title says it all.
I have homework due tomorrow and it’s to answer these questions right here. My question is can you explain them to me in a more understandable way? – like make the vocabulary easier to understand. I have so much homework and if I don’t finish this I won’t have any sleep og finish the other homework cause I won’ t have time and I’ll be too tired. – Right now am reading the text from “Heywood”
and these are the questions I have to answer…

Questions for Heywood pp 114–119

1. List the conservative, nationalist political leaders mentioned from the 1850s period onwards.

2. What is the focus of conservative nationalism and what is it supposed to achieve?

3. Why is nationalism seen as an antidote to socialism?

4. Why does the conservative nationalist see immigration as a threat?

5. What are the special characteristics of conservative nationalism?

6. Explain the following ‘When in trouble, all governments play the ‘nationalism card’.’ ( p 115)

7. How does the fact of expansionist nationalism help explain the causes of twentieth century wars?

8. To whom does integral nationalism appeal ?(you may think in terms of the ‘Combos’ of this world)

9. Who were Hitler’s ‘in-group’ and his ‘out-group’?

10. What were the stages of Hitler’s 3-stage programme of expansion?

11. Make a timeline of colonies gaining independence from 1947 onwards.

12. Why have former colonies been attracted to socialism rather than liberalism?

13. Why did Marx say ‘Working men have no country’ (Communist Manifesto 1848) ?

14. What was the aim of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

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I could but that wouldn’t help you learn. Most of them are about nationalism, socialism, and related issues. Get a clear understanding of the issues and they’re pretty easy to answer.

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I think they are pretty straight forward questions. Is there any particular vocabulary in there that you don’t understand? Maybe we can help clarify specifics for you. Also, rereading the information in your book may clarify it for you and make the questions easier to answer.

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haha… you wrote ‘og’ instead of ‘and’ Yeah for Scandinavian languages!

Are you having problems with the term ‘conservative’ and ‘nationalism’?

These are very big questions. I’m assuming the teacher gave you more than one evening to answer these…. Procrastinate much? That’s ok… I used to put off the hard stuff too.

If you can be more specific in your vocabulary uncertainty, perhaps we can send you to Wiki references or something similar.

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@cazzie , yeah lol! I hadn’t realised that.
Yes am having troubles with those two terms.
No actually not really, she put it yesterday online while I was sleeping so I found out about it today and am trying to do it as soon as possible cause am really bad at this lesson I think and so I want to improve both my understanding and vocabulary…I’ve been studying in Icelandic for the past 4 years so am kind of having difficulties getting back into the English section.
But I am a huge procrastinator! – it’s unbelieveble! :O

What do you mean by being more specific on my voc?

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@Thesexier Don’t worry so much about the conservative definition. That’s probably more subjective. Get an understanding of nationalism. It’s caused most of the conflicts in history, in my opinion.

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@Adirondackwannabe , Ok then.
But the first question , this is what I answered.
Otto Von Bismarck, margaret thatcher, bush senior, benjamin disraeli, alexander III AND RONALD REAGAN.
Correct? cause I also used my flash-card that says coservative nationalism.

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I’m not familiar with that book, but that’s a pretty good start on them.

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Do you understand nationalist? Think Serbia in the modern day Balkans.

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@Adirondackwannabe , no I don’t understand nationalist…

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@Thesexier Are you familiar with what went on in the Balkans during the Bush 1 and Clinton administrations?

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@Thesexier That’s understandable, you weren’t born before some of it. Someone help me out in defining nationalism.

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Nationalism is when a leader rallies support by appealing to the people’s sense of being a part of their nation. He points to the dangers from outside the country that threaten his nation. People get all excited, and they say they will do anything the leader wants in order to fight off the threats.

So they get all foreigner hating, and they run around seeking hidden foreigners in their midst and putting them into concentration camps, if not killing them. That’s what @Adirondackwannabe was referring to in the Balkans. There was a lot of people running around killing each other because there were three or four different ethnic groups who couldn’t stand each other, except they were all living together. So they tried to kick out everyone who wasn’t from their land. Or they killed them. It is called “ethnic cleansing.” We have seen it in many other countries recently, like in the Congo.

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‘from the 1850s period onwards’ How did Hitler not make your list?

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Thanks wun. @Thesexier That’s a pretty good start. google nationalism or nationalist and it gives a good description from wkki. If you get nationalist figured out the rest comes pretty easy.

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You could look to your home continent, too. Mugabe…good current example. His party is called the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) OMGosh.. if that isn’t a rallying cry to nationalism, what is? These types of leaders try to rally a country together by pointing to it’s enemies (real and imagined) and promising the country that they vow to do everything in their power to protect their glorious nation from the evils that oppose their goodness and way of life in their wonderful righteous country. (gag)

North Korea is another good example. They want to isolate and scare and rule.

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@cazzie Excellent answer. I was trying to think through all the tin pot dictators and kooks out there, but that may be one she’ll get pretty quickly.

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Hitler was a nationalist. After the Bolshevik revolution, Stalin was too.

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@Thesexier If you’ve finished withe the google search and have any questions or points to clarify just send another answer on here.

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It sounds to me like the question refer to specific information given in the text. Have you read over the pages carefully?

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Edit: questions

To explain further: I don’t think the teacher would expect you to come up with all those answers unless there was pretty specific info in those assigned pages already.

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to be honest its all to do with those two words “nationalist” and “conservative” understand those two words and i say you will be going good. try reading a short hstory lesson aswell, maybe that will help you understand the type of people who are those ‘two words’. it ll give you a few examples aswell. hope you finish your hw, now i need to finish mine!

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Thank you everyone for your help and explanations and stuff
I went of Fluther about 2–5 hours ago I guess and now it’s 01:23 and am done with the most difficult homework. I read the Heywood copy (the pages we had to read)
and answered most of the questions. Out of 14 I answered 10, so am proud of that, I was also highlighting…
But I have no clue of what I was reading about…

again thank you.

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ahh people am back again, I didn’t feel like asking another question cause then maybe people would get crazy and sending me links saying “didn’t you ask the same question before”

so I have another assigned homework to do for tommorow.
it says:
Reading : Yoof rap : Buzz words and slang. – copies
Exercise : Identify all the words you know/ use, and enter them decade-wise. Characterize your vocabulary in relation to their origin
Activity : produce raps

I’ve read. But then after that I don’t understand what am supposed to do next…

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VERY hard to help without knowing what you read. I’m guessing you have to identify all the words ‘in the text’? that you know…. (surely not ALL the words you know, but perhaps it means all the slang or buzzwords that you know, INCLUDING those in the text?). And then, I’m supposing you have to guess when those words started being used in which decade. ‘Groovy’ would be a 60’s word, I guess. ‘Cool’.. might be a 70’s word…. ? Then, I’m guessing you write about how you use the words and perhaps where you heard them first and when you started using them?

the Produce raps is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

I’m sure you could use ‘non-English’ words too. The kids here say ‘Dette er knallsyk!’ hahaha… so I’m sure you can use those Icelandic slangs and say where you first heard those too.

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@cazzie , I still don’t get it…
I read the text, then under Buzz Words:
There is something about new words and that in the english language everyyear many words and phrases quickly fade from view.Consider the following selection of 10 new words introduced during each decade of the past century, all of which are still in regular use:

they are written like a chart….
i.e Decade New Words
1900s Cornflake, dashboard, dugout, egghead, gasket, hormone, newsflash,
shockwave, speedometer, teddy bear

1910s ...... and it goes on like that until the 2000s.

so when she says identify all the words you know/use and enter them decade-wise

I’ve done, : 1900s Words Origin

Cornflake breakfast, maize, corn
egghead egg
hormone pregnant woman, body
newsflash news, gossip
shockwave shock

and so on… that’s all I’ve done.

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@Thesexier She’s trying to get you to pick out the slang words that pop up in the decades they became excepted into common use. Present day would be words like twitter, tweet, facebook etc. Ten years ago it was email, snailmail, etc ten years before that it might have been words like…. I’ll have to think on that. Each year, the one dictionary adds certain new words that came into use and drops some other words which have gotten meaningless.

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I think they want you to talk about slang and buzz words YOU know. Just like @Adirondackwannabe said… think about the words you use. What would sound completely odd to someone from say…. 1900’s… or even the 1960’s. Names we use to identify people and the things they do. ‘Geek’.... ‘Nerd’.... ‘hangin’... ‘awesome’ ‘Narly’.... ‘Chill’.....‘hoodie’ ‘cell’ (meaning cell phone) there are tons of techno and music terms I’m sure you can think of. Fashion would be another one that would have terms that are identifiable decade wise. I would say ‘tennis shoes’ but you might say…. ‘sneakers’... or ‘high tops’.... or whatever kids are calling their casual shoes these days….. hahaha… (I’m old enough to be your mother… remember)

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@Adirondackwannabe , ah fuck am thinking of giving up!
It’s so difficult, to meI always feel she doesn’t really explain properly what we are supposed to do.

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@Thesexier Hang in there. This is just what learning is about. I’ve just been doing it a helluva lot longer than you have. Read cazzie’s response again.

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I would write words as a chart too… listing decades… then looking at things around me to think which decade they came about. There really are tonnes of them… like TV.(50’s)....CDs (80’s).... Record (20’s) Ballpoint and Biro (meaning pen… was invented in early on… look at the Wiki entry, but you can probably say 30’s or 40’s… imagine that!) I hope I’ve given you a start….

Oh… I could keep going… LED, ... laser (which is actually an acronym Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

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@Adirondackwannabe and @cazzie , So I’ve written down slang words – bangin’, fuck, phone, cell, bitch, chillax, hangin’
and now am supposed to make it as a chart and guess when they started being used?

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yep…. fuck and its origin is a hard one.. you can imagine… but I think there is a fluther discussion about it… or better yet… look it up on the net after skimming the fluther discussion.

Do you know what the term for the origin of a word is? It’s called etymology. might be able to help.

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@Thesexier This teacher has a different style of teaching. She’s trying to get you to think it through. It don’t know if it’s the preferred method now or just her style. When I was in high school they spoonfed us everything and were just regurgitated it back.
For the words, come up with some that are new to each decade. Notice the automobile terms in the 1900 decade. Year the car became common. Do you think anyone used speedometer, dashboard etc before that decade.?

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Oh… I LOVE chillax as a word….. that’s great!

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@Thesexier Here’s some other words Microwave, tv dinner, driveup, Suburbs, rightclick. ethnic cleansing, (cell’s a good one.) text etc

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@Thesexier One suggestion, ask it as a new question in the future. I lost the thread between posts and had to go back through quite a ways to find it again. Might be a sign I fluther too much. OK, right there there are three slang words tied to this decade. posts, thread, and fluther. Posts and threads you might have to explain the context but you instantly knew what I meant.

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@cazzie , Yeah it could be.. it’s so many things. as origin I could just say, different meanings.
But I read the link you sent me….
@Adirondackwannabe , you were lucky! But I guess she’s trying to see at what level everyone is and stuff. and also you answer at the end made me laugh so hard I could just imagine how you could be saying it in real life:P

and those words you wrote helped too also cazzie, I chose most of them and am gonna use them since I know them.

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I was lucky to be spoon fed the info?

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Actually what happend was I aced everything in high school. I got a 98 on the NYS Biology regents test senior year. Got to college and they work like your teacher. I got killed. Ist semester biology course grade: C

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Just remember a bit of vocabulary…. Etymology….. it’s important. it’s the science of studying the origin of words. When I was as school, we were given a vocabulary of the things we were learning. Though this new set of words we learned that related to the subject… we could start using those words in relation to the subject and it was like a code.

You do need to learn the words that describe the subject and with those words, you need to learn to EXPLAIN the thing.

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So I’ve chosen bangin, phone, cell, bitch, chillax, ballpoint, TV, CD’s, Shawty, Microwave…
Now it’s time to do the chart….

1920’s Ballpoint may also be called pen.used to write.

TV Television we sit infront of it and watch

1940’s cell cell phone, we use to communicate with people who are far away from us. it uses cable…

1970’s CD’s compact dish used to store music, videos, work/school work or other important documents that you dont want to get lost.

1980’s microwave or microwane oven is a home appliance that is used to cook/heat food.

2000’s bangin’ having sex, someone who is extremel gorgeous! banging something

friggin’ fucking, friggin awesome = extremely awesome.

bitch vulgar language, a bitch= a female dog, a female who sleeps around,

Chillax chill, take it easy, relax, breathe

hangin’ hanging in there=still alive, hanging out with friends

shawty attractive female, short person,

That’s all I got, isn’t it okay cause its getting late and I want to have some sleep…

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The TV might be a bit newer than pre.1940… in fact.. I’m sure it’s 1950 to 1960…....
Phone might be 1920’s but ‘cell’ or ‘cellphone’ is certainly late 1980’s.

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I’ll written that down, also I’ve done the rap song….
Thank you for all your help and good night ^^

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