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Can you help me find this catalog item?

Asked by syz (35647points) September 20th, 2010

Ok, guys, I received a random catalog that was really not my style (sort of western themed home decor, clothing, and artwork), but it had a leather purse/bag that was styled after a feed bag (feed sack) used for horses that I absolutely loved. Well, I left it sitting our too long and my partner threw out the catalog and now I can’t find a similar product anywhere. I have no idea what the name of the catalog is…any help?

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Coldwater Creek by any chance?

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Territory Ahead? Sundance?

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Territory Ahead was the one I couldn’t remember that sounds like it might be it.

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Good guesses, but it was actually lower quality than those catalogs (I debated describing it as “tacky” but didn’t want to chance offending anyone with a ‘western’ sensibility.) That’s why I’m having so much trouble; I can’t remember any other items because nothing else appealed.

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Here is one possibility

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@Kayak8 That’s closer, but there’s no drawstring effect, and the leather is smooth. But it has a similar silhouette, vaguely rounded on the bottom and narrower at the top than the bottom.

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@syz is it black or brown leather?

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Here is another option. Do you remember the approximate price point?

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It might also be called a Hobo bag

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Restoration Hardware?

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Belated follow-up: This is it.

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That bag looks like a typical purse to me. Funny how it was described as ‘tacky’. Men are so clueless, hehe :D

(I stumbled across this by doing a search for Territory Ahead, a company I unfortunately once worked for).

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