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What is it that cats feel when in heat, what sensation is it?

Asked by kimvaughn (4points) September 20th, 2010

my cat is in heat and she rolls around shaking with a arch in her back

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Short of asking a cat, I fear we may never know the true sensation a cat is experiencing . . . I would ask mine but he is a neutered male.

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i feel so sorry for her.

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@kimvaughn This would be a good reason to get her fixed, then.

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If you’ve ever been an 12 year old boy, you know exactly what she’s feeling…

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Get it fixed. Horrible, over populated things…

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I’d imagine it to be like a drunken zombie’s urge to vomit after one-too-many tequila shots…all-consuming, uncontrollable, and horrifying to watch.

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she is screaming “DO ME DO ME DO ME DOOOO MEEEEEEE!!!!!! PLEEEAASSEEEE!!!!... DO ME!!!!” probably just as annoying to her as it is to you….

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The only way your cat can be calmed is when she either mates or goes out of season. That is why the best way to avoid these uncomfortable periods for you and your cat is to have your female cat spayed. Spayed cats won’t come into heat and spaying your cat can save you much trouble in the future. Spaying your cat can also prevent medical problems such as uterine infections or breast cancer.
If your cat is a pedigreed breeder or for some reason you don’t wish to spay her, you can take her to vet when she is in heat for hormonal injections or medication. These hormones will stop your cat from coming into oestrus.
Female cats can be spayed almost any time from as young as 6 months. It is not advisable to spay your cat while she is in heat, because of complications that may arise. :-/

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