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Do animals have sex for pleasure?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) September 20th, 2010

I know humans do (obviously) but do animals? Do they have orgasms and all that?

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Dolphins do. I don’t know about orgasms though.

Wait! It is dolphins right?

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I think it’s more of an instinct then pleasure. That’s why they have mating seasons. Dolphins have sex for pleasure and a pig’s orgasm can last for 30 minutes.

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Animals do EVERYTHING for pleasure.

And that’s why they’re awesome.

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According to Snopes, Bonobos dolphins have sex for pleasure (that’s the short answer at least.)

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@ducky_dnl, @Hawkeye : Yikes, I didn’t know that. And gross, that doesn’t sound so great about the whole pig orgasm thing…

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Male monkeys have been observed barganing with female monkeys with food for sex.

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Bonobo monkeys use sex as a form of socialising. It’s an important way of solving social problems, returning favours…. they are the primates that ‘make love, not war’.

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im pretty sure they do i had bunnies that went crazy…

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I’ve got one word for you:


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Hah….I have no clue, I know that horses and dogs have good orgasms though? I mean if that counts….but uh yeah…That’s what I got….I’m not too sure on the “if they have sex for pleasure” part. I think in my opinion yes everything basically does I guess…

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They certainly look like they are going to town.
Ever look at a dog lick himself. He isn’t trying to shine it up. “Wax On, Wax Off”

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Of course not silly. Animals only have sex for procreation. They’re all Mormons.

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I think Occam’s razor would determine that they do.

Although the biological purpose of sex is for species survival through procreation, I don’t think that purpose is what usually drives sexual activity.

What drives most animals to have sex with other animals is their attraction to another animal and the resultant pleasure.

As far as I know, when animals are attracted and aroused by each other, it happens regardless of whether they have census results showing that their species is underpopulated. ;-)

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “I’m not attracted to Halle Berry (or whoever floats their boat) because of overpopulation.”? ;-)

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When you find an animal that can give a conceptual defintition for “pleasure” then you will be on to something. Until then, no. Certainly animals can discriminate between a pleasant sensation and an unpleasant one. But they have no clue what pleasure is.

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when i rub my puppy’s belly, he knows what pleasure is

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Since all sex is pleasurable, thereby ensuring that all animals are keen to do it and thus perpetuate their genes, then I would hazard a guess that animals have sex for pleasure every time they have sex They’re certainly not going to be concerned about procreation.

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ACTUALLY, @downtide that is not completely true. There are some male sexual organs in the animal kingdom that make it damn horrible for the female of the species. Cats, for example. Also, snakes have barbs on their ‘organs’ but it’s not a penis, which brings me to…not many animals have penises, as such. So, no, it’s not always pleasurable… but it is an instinct they follow… like licking themselves to keep clean.. brought about by strong hormones, usually.

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