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Why do sneezes mostly (but not always) come in twos?

Asked by nebule (16439points) September 20th, 2010

They do though don’t they? Why?

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“Scientists have yet to come up with a good explanation for why most people sneeze the predictable two or three times, while others are wracked by staccato attacks. But the answer seems to lie in an individual’s unique immunological and neurological constitution.” – Source

My dad sneezes three to five times, my older brother usually sneezes twice (sometimes has one, big sneeze), my younger brother sneezes once (sometimes twice), my mother exclusively sneezes once, and I sneeze twice (when I sneeze only once, it feels strange. Like I still have another sneeze in me.)

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@muppetish you are brilliant! x

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When i feel two or three coming i save them up and go for one big one.
Cause i like them, the sneezes, for me they are mini orgasms

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@rebbel lol…. I like them too! x

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For some odd reason, I always feel so refreshed after sneezing. I usually have long bouts of sneezing, like about 12 or more. They just keep coming and coming….

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I always sneeze twice. That article that @muppetish posted was really interesting – my sister is one of the people who experience the photic sneeze reflex. Every time she goes outside when it’s sunny, she always sneezes. Or if she looks at a light bulb, she sneezes. How weird.

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We have two nostrils

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I sneeze three times.

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I think you sneeze till you get out of your system or nostrils, anything that is irritating.

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Because we didn’t get all the germs out the first time? I can’t sneeze just once either. My mom can though.

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