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How did you first start using Fluther?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) September 20th, 2010

I first found it because I was having an issue with someone in my life and needed advice. I googled around and came here, and I’ve been in love ever since. Does anyone else have an interesting story of how they found out about this place?

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I’m a refugee from

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Facebook took over answerbag and it became infested with dumbfuckery.

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My old boss from Yahoo! told me about this startup he was an advisor to when I told him I was looking for a job. I had coffee with Ben and he thought I was pretty OK so he had me come back as soon as Andrew was back in town. The rest is history.

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Asking a question in Google about single shoes on roads. (How in the world do they get there???) Fluther came up as an option for an answer. After discovering a site supported by others that have similar questions, and some just as quirky, I was hooked.

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anyone else thinking fluther the motion picture…

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^Hey, if a Facebook movie is possible…
@Rarebear What was
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I keep hearing about answerbag, what exactly happened that made it start sucking?

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I forget how I stumbled upon this site (and it wasn’t that long ago). Its my first q&a site and hopefully my last. Welcome to Fluther.

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I had just gotten an iPod touch and wanted to know what the best apps were – I searched and came across Fluther.

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I was using google and put in “Why are guys mean to the girls they like” and it brought up Fluther. It turns out the reason most guys are mean to girls my age is because they actually hate them. :/

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I googled something random. I don’t even remember what it was… And Fluther appeared.

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You might be interested in this similar question

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The owners of Answerbag revamped the entire format, look and layout of the site, inserting advertisements in every conceivable space, in many different sizes and adding ‘features’ that made it impossible to follow questions and comments. Most of the activity on there now is from the staff, who are paid to ask and answer questions in a wikipedia style format.

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@YARNLADY That sounds…awful…and slightly sad..

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I came from

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It was either fluther or swimming with the piranhas.

Obviously, I chose the piranhas.

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What Benny and The Bee said.

KhiaKarma's avatar refugee as well. I have found a happy home here now!
@Joker94 It was another question and answer site that shut down. Similar to Fluther, but different too….hard to explanin.

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I came here during the mass migration ( was another Q&A site that closed down). I found around the time AIROW (another Q&A site) closed down. I found AIROW because of an ad on urbandictionary.

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(By way of explanation of what Boots said, for the old wisdmers out there, I’m Benny—and just so you know, Joe’s got another site going. PM me if you’re interested.)

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I read an article on another site (not a Q & A site), about Fluther, and how it was better than its name might indicate. It sounded pretty cool, so I surfed over to take a look. That was over 2 years ago, and I’ve never been the same. In a good way. :)

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I first started using it as a cover…when ever anybody came in the room I would switch to Fluther so they thought I was doing something constructive instead of just surfing porn.

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Answerbag went all twee & twatty. Rode over here on a wave of optimism.

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There are many AB refugees here.

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yep @Doctor_D and i’m one also.

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I found it back in the day when their iPhone web app came out.

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Another A/B refugee suggested it to me, and here I am.

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I found it off another answer site Answerbag and I never looked back.
I’m on Funadvice, Yahoo!Answers, Blurtit, and Answerbag and Fluther is most definitely the best one. I still go on the others sometimes.

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Yep same as @delirium and @chels, I found it on app store for my iPhone and have been here daily since.

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Answerbag impoded. Refugees (some of them) started a diaspora that landed here.

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I typed in “Q&A sites” on Google and I tried a bunch of them, but I liked this one the most. I wanted a place where I could ask questions to people online that I didn’t want to ask at home.

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My first response was to this question. I was looking up a topic about introverts on the internet out of great curiosity because of a party I attended the night before (I’m not a big social event type of person but it was a rare occasion to raise funds for someone) and I wasn’t comfortable with the people at the event and I left early. My sister and several of her friends were really pissed at me for blowing the party off (I still donated before I left). Then I was pissed off for them being mad at me. This motivated me enough to look up that topic (about introverts) and bingo, that ideal question showed up on my Google search. I bet this is one of the most interesting ways that anyone has found Fluther because I never heard of it and I wasn’t expecting to join a Q & A website. Very odd how this happened but here I am 4 months later.

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I’m another refugee from

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I found the site while browsing online during a bout of major jet lag from a vacation last March when I couldn’t get off the couch for a week.

Here I still am. lol

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So awkward…I’m a member since two days ago and I can’t remember….Anyway Facebook disabled my account so I AM NEVER ON FACEBOOK..EVER! So after facebook I started joining Learn a language type of websites and then in an attempt to cross the border swimming through the Pacific I DROWNED AND…..I TRANSFORMED INTO A JELLY :)

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