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How did Indiana Jones know to keep his eyes closed?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) September 20th, 2010

When the Nazis open the Ark in Raiders? Did he know that some serious stuff was going to happen once the Ark had been open?

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(also I just resolve it for myself with that whole he’s a professor and world famous archaeologist who was the U.S.‘s go-to guy on this issue and who has a profound respect for the religious artifact in question kind fo thing.)

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Actually it wasn’t Jesus. He didn’t come along until after the arc had been lost. It was from the old testament.

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(it was Jesus who told him. Jesus was around during WWII)

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Good old intuition.

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Because George Lucas, Philip Kaufman, and Lawrence Kasdan wrote it that way.

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Because he read the ancient text.

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I love Indiana Jones movies. Rode the ride 5 times at Disney. He knew it because it was written @Russell_D_SpacePoet says

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Because he read the script of course!

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