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Readers - Do you need a bookmark, or do you go by the page number?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) September 20th, 2010

I can’t stand it when people pull my bookmark out, so I’m trying to start going by page numbers, but it’s hard to remember! So, what does the collective do? Is it your pet peeve that some one will pull your bookmark out? Do you have a better way to keep track of your place in a book?

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When I actually don’t make it through a book in one sitting, I use a bookmark. If the bookmark gets pulled out or it falls out, I can usually find where I left off though. Now that I do most of my reading on the Kindle, it doesn’t matter since it automatically takes me back to where I stopped.

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I need a bookmark. I sometimes cat-ear (bend) the corner of the page to mark it.

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i always put something to hold my place… a ticket stub, clean napkins, to do list… but i try to remember the page too! sometimes i doggy ear the page, depends.

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I cannot remember numbers well. I don’t need to have a bookmark-bookmark, but I need some kind of placeholder (I have used everything from bookmarks given to me as gifts, receipts, important school documents that I end up forgetting about, unused napkins, business cards, index cards – which I enjoy because I can write down words to look up later, and torn pieces of scrap paper.)

I can’t make myself bend the corners of pages. It makes me cringe. I’ll keep my finger in the book until I acquire a makeshift bookmark.

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I tend to use a bookmark. Since most reading is done in bed before going to sleep, there is the occasion where I doze off before marking it and turning off the light. Remembering the general area where I left off is helpful, and I don’t mind re-reading until finding the proper place.

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I go by page number.

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@muppetish I can’t bend the corners of pages either. I will grab whatever paper I can if I don’t have a bookmark handy.

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If I say the page number out loud, I can usually remember. I close the book and say, “I am on page 237.”

But I use a bookmark if I have something handy.

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I read books like I masturbate, which is a fuck of a lot. Don’t need no stinking page number or bookmark, I just find the spot.

Jokes aside, doesn’t take me long to find where I was last at, without any outer aid but my memory.

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doggy ear it. lol, @ducky_dnl ;)
I like just finding it too, as @Symbeline so eloquently stated- if it’s a nice book that I don’t want to mess up.

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Bookmarks (or scrap of paper, whatever) all the way. I have enough to keep straight as it is. Plus I’m often reading more than 1 book at a time, so bookmarks keep things in place on all fronts. Finally, the wife is a librarian. She’d kill me if I dog-eared a book.

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Book mark. but if your having issues with people removing your bookmark beat the up or turn down the corner of the page.

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Page numbers or usually read to complete a chapter and remember which chapter. I also tend to put paperbacks down open to the page I was on.

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I usuaklly use a scrap of paper or whatever is laying around, like a pen or something. Or just go by the page number. I can usually pick up where I left off without a marker easily enough. I lose my bookmarks like it’s my job.

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I normally don’t use either—and I just can’t bring myself to doggy ear a page. My bookmarks always fall out or I forget to put it there in there first place, and I can rarely remember a page number no matter how many times I mumble it to myself under my breath. But I just open the book back up and flip back and forth until I find where I was, normally in a matter of seconds.

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I prefer a bookmark, improvised or no, but if one isn’t handy I’ll go by page number. In the case of small paperbacks that I’m just setting down for a moment, I’ll lay the open-faced book face-down.

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I remember my page numbers. Even when I’m reading on my Kindle, which saves your place for you, I remember my location. With treeware, I use a bookmark if there’s one around. But if there isn’t, it’s no big deal.

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Bookmark. I’ll use anything, though – a square of toilet paper, part of an envelope, whatever’s around. Without bookmarks, I’m totally lost.

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I use my pet bunny ears as a bookmark or I put his paw on the space bar on my laptop here while I get me some refreshments.

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Because I’m constantly annotating whatever I read, it’s pretty easy to see where I left off – it’s where my pencil (or pen) marks stop. Annotating also naturally helps me to remember what passage(s) I last read. Some very lengthy books like Infinite Jest are special cases that I had to use two bookmarks for, but I typically just go by memory of page numbers or chapter numbers or the indication of my annotations.

Despite all the writing I put in my books, one thing I can’t do is dog-ear their pages.

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I use page number. Sometimes I forget, but I just skim around until I find my page.
However, I only do that if I am going to resume reading the same day or in the morning.
If you are waiting more than 24 hours to continue reading, I’d stick with the bookmark.

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I don’t like rereading parts of a book, because I get stuck in a rut where I keep going over the same part, especially if it’s one of those days where I only pick up the book for a few minutes at a time. But I lose bookmarks so easily, I tend to go by page number. Or at least vague location.

Sometimes I like envelope bookmarks, where you cut the corner off an old envelope, then slip it over the corner of the page you want to mark.

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Bookmark. I cannot remember to look at page numbers and even if I did, the number would disappear from my mind within five minutes. A relative made me a beautiful brass and crystal bookmark that I use all the time.

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If it’s my book, I do all sorts of terrible things to it… break the spines (on purpose), lay it down open, and dog ear the pages. I fold the page to the exact line I need to start re-reading on. I actually prefer my books to feel like an old comfortable slipper, rather than a new high heeled shoe – all awkward and stiff.

If the book belongs to someone else (or a library), I use makeshift bookmarks. Usually those little postcard thingys that fall out of magazines or a strip of toilet paper. I, um, read in the bathroom a lot. ;)

@BarnacleBill I used to use paper clips, too, in other people’s books. I liked them because I could mark the line. However, I noticed they made dents/marks on the pages, so I stopped.

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BOOKMARK!! Nobody has ever removed mine though. Nobody fiddles with my books anyway.

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Well my Kindle remembers where I am in each book – otherwise, I fold the page over.

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I use a little sticky tab or a clip that’s made as a bookmark. Bookmarks are too bulky, I like when I can just stick it to the page.

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Any scrap of paper for a bookmark. I wouldn’t remember a page number longer than ten minutes.

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I used to fold the corner. Then I got a Kindle. And then I got an iPad. No more corners to bend.

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Sounds like a serious pet peeve… I recommend giving away those assault rifles you keep…

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