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Have you ever seen ghost like this?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) September 20th, 2010

It happened with me when i was in first year of Engineering. I & my friend used to go tution which was by 5:30 morning. I always used to go my friend’s home to call him. One day i went to call my friend as usual. We were just about to leave, only that time his mother said ” Do not forget to tap off the water tap” Everday we used to tapping off the water tap which was in the parking area. We just went to the parking area. It was very dark as usual. We stepped down two steps of the last stair case & what we saw was a white amoebic shaped image just coming near to us.
We moved back i.e. at starting point of same stair case.The image disappeared. Again, we stepped down 3 to 4 steps, same image but this time size was bigger than prvious. We thought someone would be kidding with us. We saw back that anyone focusing battery light but, no one was there. The image was looking like shining glitters in the water. We ran away & thereafter didn’t dare to go again to “Turn off the water tap”. We could not sleep two days. I think it’s not an illusion.

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No, I have been to several supposedly haunted sites and never once seen any sort of supernatural phenomena. I appreciate that you didn’t think it was an illusion, but why did it scare you? Was there anything specific about the situation that made it seem threatening or worrying to you? If you thought it may have been a torch light, then I’m assuming the image was indistinct, so could it have been moonlight reflected off some windows, or some light source refracting through a mist? Is your memory of the event clear, or did it seem surreal and dream-like?

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@FireMadeFlesh : No. There was not any window or torch light. We had stood there for 10 minutes. But there were some electricity meters but their light was very dimmed & it was red color. The baluster of stair case was non-transparent. The image had white color. Also the moon light wasn’t reachable. Maybe it was a ghost, wasn’t it?

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@blinkErri Fair enough. I would be unwilling to say that it was a ghost unless I witnessed it myself, because I know of no reason to believe in ghosts, and I am certain every situation has a rational explanation whether it is obvious or not. I think you are just unaware of the true cause of it, but you probably don’t want to know because it would be like telling someone the secret of a magic trick.

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No. No I have not.

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If the phenomenon could be repeated, and upon investigation, it exhibited ghostlike qualities (whatever they are), then it might be a ghost. That’s a lot of ifs. Until I had proof otherwise, I would not assume I saw a ghost. As far as I know, there has never been any objective evidence of ghosts. I don’t even know if anyone has ever offered a testable definition of a ghost. I would just call it an unexplained phenomenon.

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“I think it’s not an illusion.”

Yes it is.

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There is no such thing as ghosts. Great story though!

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Unexplained phenomena are not necessarily inexplicable. Many ghosts turned out to be the result of bad plumbing.

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And spicy food.

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