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What could I replace my ear studs with?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) September 20th, 2010

I got my ears pierced a few months ago and still have the small circle studs in them. I think it’s time to switch it up but I am not sure what to replace them with. I am a guy and both lobes are pierced. I was looking at a few ideas online but I don’t want it to seem overly…uhm…gay?... Do you have any suggestions on what might look nice? Here are a few things I was looking at that I thought I might like…some more then others lol

I wasn’t crazy about any of these options but they were the most interesting things I came up with.

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certainly not the last ones, please!!

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@samantha Rae – lol thats why I said some more then others haha – really that wasnt so much a serious choice ha

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What did you have in mind when you did the piercing? What did you picture yourself wearing?

I think the black ones are really ugly. The silver cubes aren’t so bad, but they don’t seem worth the trouble of getting pierced for.

How about small gold or silver hoops?

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maybe try a google search of “guys with earrings” and see what comes up to get some ideas

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No. To all of them, but especially the last ones.
What kind of look do you normally have? Where do you shop?

In general, I’ve seen 3 different catagories of earrings on men – punk/goth/rocker, gay (mostly on the drag queens), and simple gold or cz studs rapper style. Which would you be?

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Diamonds are forever.

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I would recommend replacing them with ear, but that’s me. If I had to get earrings, I’d go with something nerdcore.
I’m not up on my criteria, but I think that symmetrical earring-having is perceived as being more ‘gay’ than the asymmetrical sort.

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I was thinking about small diamonds but I was afraid of looking to feminine by doing so. Originally that was the idea that I liked when I got them done. I don’t really have a specific style I just kind of do me. I suppose I tend to wear more labeled clothing from the mall though if I had to be specific. I plan on getting a few more piercings in the near future on my ears. I originally didnt plan on piercing my lobes but was kinda of talked into it and I wasnt opposed to the idea so I went with it…now I’m just kind of at a point where I don’t know what to do with them though lol

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@jm5225 Abercrombie? PacSun? Hot Topic?

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Do you think using fake plugs is kind of tacky? I’ve always been interested in having small gauges but don’t want the massive holes in my ears..

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@jm5225 CZ studs in gold, definitely. I’ve seen tons of guys have them in a non-effeminate way. And yes, fake plugs are tacky, but not as tacky as when they actually stretch their ears out. Ewww.

Also, if you don’t want them anymore, you can just let them heal up.

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I actually like the black squares quite a bit, but I think they’re gauged. If you’re worried about being perceived as ‘gay’, I wouldn’t go for triangles… that shape is pretty closely identified with homosexuality (I think?). My personal preference on a guy would be small hoops.

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These hoops are rather nice looking.
Or these

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Ooh, I really like the greek key hoops @BarnacleBill linked to. They have a masculine vibe.

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@BarnacleBill I was looking into some hoops like that but they looks so thick and I couldn’t find a photo of them on someones ear. I wish I could see a photo so I can see what they might look like on an ear. I also like the very last ones “these” that you posted. Great suggestions!

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I like the last two as well, although the roadkill/zombie gingerbread men are pretty fun. The guy at the coffee shop has a pair like this that he wore most of the summer.

You will want to stay away from earring with a lot of nickel in them, as many people are allergic to nickel, and it will cause your ears to get infected. The last pair are made out of a brass base, and with brass you need to not wear them for extended periods of time, but change them out. You will have less discomfort from earrings if you stay with sterling or gold (white or yellow). Get several pairs and switch out the look.

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If you’re worried about being perceived as ‘gay,’ perhaps you shouldn’t be wearing earrings. Unless you come off like a pirate. Yarrrr!

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Just go for plain gold sleepers :-/ I had both mine done years ago.. They’re coming back into fashion now but the kids round my way have them through their noses or their lip or eyebrow!

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I also liked the Greek key pattern ones.

I was looking for, but could not find an earring like one I saw a guy wearing. It was a dangly open-work gold one from a post.

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You know, earrings are crazy inexpensive at teen accessory stores like Claire’s and Icing, and even Hot Topic. You can get, like, ten pairs for $8.

It doesn’t have to have a sign saying “This is for men! Manly men! Only men can wear manly men girl-free earrings! Studs for Studs!”

If you like it, wear it.

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Personally, you can’t really go wrong with hoop earrings. They look nice, especially a thicker hoop for a manly look. As far as not looking too gay, well you did get both ears pierced! haha, but sticking with hoops would be my choice and I would splurge and not get cheapo earrings as you will get infections. Sterling silver is not that expensive and will last and look nicer than the 12 pairs for $9.99 kind.

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I am not concerned about seeming gay, but I just simply meant I didn’t want to get earrings that were sparkly pink or gay pride symbols. Just something more neutral that didn’t flat out spell GAY, but left it open for interpretation? lol if that even is an option at all lol

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