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I have a cast on my arm...Whats the best way to keep it dry in the shower?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) March 15th, 2007
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double plastic bag and seal it with a rubberband around your arm? that's what my mom did when she broke her ankle.
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If it is your dominant arm, try a stool to sit on. You don't want to fall you have any showers w. grab bars? After I took a bad fall, broke some ribs and did other serious damage. I had hospital-quality grab bars installed in one shower. (Plastic bag and rubberbands work; just make sure that they are water-tight...and don't raise arm up. Water does like to find it's own level and can dribble into a very tiny space. Hope the bone knits soon.)
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Well it is my dominant arm and I don't have a shower w/ a grab bar. I was doing mission work in the gulf coast and broke some bones in my hand. Now I have returned to the dorms. The dorm showers are very small, no handicap bar in any of the showers. (Actually there might be one per floor, but I don't know where.) It was suggested for me to put a garbage bag over it, wrap some rubber bands around it, and hold it high. I can't hold it high because the ceiling is only a few inches above my head. I had a garbage bag rig earlier but it felt like if I moved wrong, I would get water in my cast.
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I also recommend the plastic bag solution. Try and keep your cast out of the shower altogether which sounds not altogether too difficult in your tiny shower. But a covering of plastic should help as a fallback keeping that arm dry while you shower.
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At places like medical supply stores, you can get what basically looks like a giant condom for just this purpose. It's made of rubber and you roll it on and then roll it off.
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If you have your dominant arm packaged and taped and sticking out of a tiny shower, AND are trying to soap yourself w. non-dominant arm, how about a friend there to grab you since you have one arm too few to hang on to anything...and slipping in a shower can be nasty...easy to do if you are off balance..
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My friend had her leg in a cast and she swore by cling film! Not sure if it's called the same thing in the states though. :)
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OK, I just looked it up and it's called plastic wrap in the USA, which makes sense! Just wrap it around a lot.
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If you are using Saran (or plastic) wrap, you still have the problem of sealing both ends..I found the plastic bag and rubber band solution safer. Water can sneak in so -erm - sneakily.

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