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What can I do about my allergy to my cats?

Asked by Plucky (10282points) September 21st, 2010

I have 4 short haired cats varying in age 7 – 9 years old (two orange, one black and one grey/white). I’m very allergic and adopting them out isn’t really an option at this point. Basically, it’s like I have a cold every day. I am wondering what the best ways to reduce the allergies are…via products including medication (I live in Canada).
Currently, I use febreze allergen reducer and try to vacuum once a day. I rarely hold them because I just can’t handle it anymore; my partner gives them all the love though. I really want to bath them but don’t know if I can do so without being severly wounded I’ve tried to start brushing them at several points throughout the years but they won’t stay still and don’t seem to get use to it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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You and me both! I have horrible allergies…. I recommend seeing an allergy doctor, they can prescribe medications that may help alleviate some of the symptoms. I too, cannot breathe and feel like I have a cold every day (people on the phone are always asking if I am sick – it’s embarassing). The prescriptions that I take (I have 4, I use 3 almost daily) don’t work well so I am trying acupuncture this week. It’s not going to work entirely, but may help a little. you could look into that too.

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If you have insurance go to the doc and get a prescription for an antihistamine. If you don’t have insurance try Claritin or another over the counter antihistamine.

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I have the same problem – I sympathize with you. Please let me know what works!

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ya, good call @ChocolateReigns, please let us know what works for you

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Thank you for your replies and advice.
I was looking into maybe getting an allergy shot, but I don’t know much about it yet. I’ve been using claritin and reactine for years and seem to have developed an immunity to them they don’t work at all anymore.
Does anyone know if I need to get referred to an allergy specialist or is that something I can just do on my own?

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i’m pretty sure you can just go on your own… maybe ask your primary doctor or check with your insurance to see if they will cover it (they may require a referral from a doctor).

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You can also undergo a desensitization program. You get the patch test first to determine your exact allergens. Then you go two or three times a week and receive a tiny dose of the actual allergen injected into your skin. I think it starts out at 10,000 to one strength, in a .01 mm dose. It is gradually upped, then the strength goes up to 5,000 to one, then 1000 to one then 100 to one. I’m not sure now about the numbers on the ratio, but that’s the basic principle. You stay in the clinic for about half an hour in case you have a reaction, then go about your day. At some point, you become desensetized and are considered no longer allergic.

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Hmm I will look into the desensitization program. Thank you so much :)

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