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Would you like to live in a garden for the rest of your life?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 21st, 2010

With nothing but green around you?

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Would be bliss, add some water to the scenario and you got a deal!

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do any of the plants have a broadband connection? if not, it sounds like a nice place to visit, but not to stay.

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Thanks for planting such a lovely thought.

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It depends what and who else is in the garden.

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Oh yes please, it sounds delightful. Must have some trees as well please!

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I do now…gardens, fields, a pond, woods with a stream, mature deciduous and evergreen trees, views, dramatic sunsets, beautiful starry nights and the noises of birds, coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks.

My home has huge amounts of glass, so being inside is very much like being outside. That is nice when it snows or rains. I lie in bed and see the moon moving across the sky thru skylights. Heat and power enhance the experience.

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Sounds great. As long as I can be nude. Along with my shotgun.

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@ChazMaz: If you’re talking to me, that would be fine (as long as you stay outside).

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I love plants and flowers, but no I don’t really want to live in a garden because I hate bugs. Nice places to visit.

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Er..we all do already. We just gotta start tending.

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That depends on who’s doing the weeding?

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@lloydbird how do we all live in a garden already?

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I saw a short film recently by an artist called Ben Rivers about a hermit who lived in a forest. He’d completely isolated himself from the external world in an area of extreme undisturbed natural beauty and then, for reasons known only unto him, spent the last 20 years constructing complex pulley systems between the trees using large scale industrial materials so that his surrounding area resembled a junk yard. Go figure…

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Only if there’s some electrical outlets somewhere.

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Only if it was under glass, nice and warm.

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I already live in a jungle. Surrounded by greenery everyday, I long for tall buildings and pavement.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Listen to the song.

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