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How do you feel/look at the first frost of the year and the end of summer?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) September 21st, 2010

Went outside this morning, 35 degrees fahrenheit and frost on the ground and all over the car windows. Makes me a little sad, because I love summer. How do you approach Fall. (I know we’ve had similar discussions, but frost already?)

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^ I would be smiling. I love winter.

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I’m delighted when that happens! I love cold weather and all the cozy stuff that goes with it.

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I curse in my head. It signals the approach of enveloping, dibilitating coldness.

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I like winter sports, and a crisp cold 20 degree day as well as anyone, but frost? What the heck is that? Fortunately my tomatos were on the porch and didn’t get it.

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Would be nice. We live in North Carolina, we have had the hottest summer ever! HOTTEST September ever, nine more days to go and three more days forecasted at or above 90 this week.
I could use a frosty morning.

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@Tropical_Willie I’ll send you my thoughts when I leave the house and it’s 20 below zero here in the northeast. lol. Coldest I ever saw was close to 35 degrees below zero.

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Sad…because it’s the end of summer but happy because autumn/winter is my favourite time of the year. I love frosty mornings…although not quite yet :)

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I don’t know – times moves too fast for me…in September, I’m still mentally in June.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: I know what you mean, I’m always finally ready for Christmas by the following February!

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We don’t get frost here. That makes me sad. But it was cold enough this morning that I realized I should probably take a hoodie with me to work. I love when the weather cools down – I wait for it all year long.

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I’m ready for the change, but not a drastic jump into the frost zone yet.

The weather is peak perfect right now.

Mid-to high 70’s, sunny, light breezes, leaves starting to fall, acorns crashing down and walloping everything. The nights are cool. I am putting the heat on for a few minutes first thing in the morning now, but after 11 a.m. it is just perfect well into the evening.

Only having to water every 2nd or 3rd day now. Woo Hoo…..lovin’ it!

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I would be happy about it. I can’t wait until we get our first frost of the year! I love the winter and this winter will be great! Unfortunately, we are still having temperatures in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so I don’t think it will happen to soon.

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I find the first frost to be a relief. It means that at the most, we’ll only have one or two more very warm days at most.

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Don’t forget ot cover your plants! Frost will kill them. Just saying. Don’t have too much frost here in Florida. We can get a cold front and get temps that low overnight.

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I love summer, and feel quite sad when Autumn is approaching.
I feel even sadder when the leaves start to fall, when we don’t have so much daylight, and there is a chill in the air. Don’t like it at all.
Roll on summer & sunshine although I know I shouldn’t wish my life away!!

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I accept all the seasons, after all, they are there for a reason, the earth needs rain, and the cycles are intact to keep our little planet rockin’ along.

I can’t wait for the first rains to start greening up these dry hills again. :-)

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I’m looking forward to the change of season. Now let’s see…what do I like to do during the fall season? Reading, canning, bon-fires, raking leaves, oh so many thing to do.

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Bittersweet. Sad because in general I dislike cold weather and summer is infinitely superior in every way, but on the flip side I love Christmas and I love snowboarding at Tahoe and going on winter trips with my friends. So it’s mixed. I just hope to God winter doesn’t last as long as it did this year…

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@Adirondackwannabe We moved from Connecticut, Yup we know cold and snow.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks for your answer. I find it interesting so many people look forward to it. Kind of picks up my mood about it a lot. Plus someone mentioned Christmas. Thanks guys. :)

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I find it interesting that so many people here look forward to it as well. Mainly because I get sometimes that the general attitude here is that Christmas sucks and yet Christmas dominates pretty much the entire month of December.

As much as I talk about how great summer is, I wouldn’t only want summer. I need both. As a Christmas fanatic, I can’t not like winter for that reason. :)

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I’d love it. Summer was way too long and stifling. Plus, I could get out my fall clothes and buy more!

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Yep, I’m now wearing bottoms in the morning again. lol

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I dread it. I really dread winter because I suffer badly in the cold, and going outside in it cannot be avoided.

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@DominicX Yes I agree… hope winter doesn’t last so long this year!!

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