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How do you like to celebrate a special occasion?

Asked by picante (11492points) September 21st, 2010

Are you a “big blow out” kind of person, or do you prefer a quieter, more intimate celebration of special events? Something in between?

If there was a special birthday or holiday celebration that stands out for you, I’d love to hear the qualities that made it special.

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My SO and I both prefer the low-key type of celebrations. Our wedding will be a civil ceremony with only his parents there as witnesses. No party; no presents.

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It makes no difference where or how – just that my best friend and my partner are involved. And preferably ice cream.

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It depends on the event. I love big holiday dinners and really miss being a part of them now that we don’t live near our family. For birthdays, I’m happy with just a nice dinner, cake, and ice cream at home with my husband and son. I would have liked to celebrate when I received my BSN, but that wasn’t possible because of the timing.

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Low key. Blow out is too much work.

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I like to put loads of effort into celebrations for other people – picking up on things they say casually in the weeks prior to make the day/evening full of lovely surprises that they love and are amazed I even knew they would like (from making sure their favourite food is produced to buying a bizarre off the wall present that they happened to mention having always wanted when they were younger)...

I also once bought a friend 30 presents for her 30th birthday – it was such fun sourcing all the things, some daft, some arty, some special, most unique, and she couldn’t believe it when she opened them all! (I also managed to only spend the same amount I would have spent on one big thing that she may or may not have liked.)

I also always do Christmas stockings for any guests I may have staying over then, regardless of their age (the look of delight on their faces when they open their door to find it on the door handle and realise it’s all for them is beautiful)...

So, to answer your question, I secretly want someone to put all this effort into a celebration for me, just once… but it has yet to happen, ho hum!

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Ah, I just thought of a birthday celebration that was fun. It was a Golden Birthday (when you turn the age of your birthdate, i.e., when your birthday is July 25th and you turn 25). Five friends took me out to celebrate and gave me goofy stuff like a bar of gold Dial soap, gold candy, and a gold fish. We were at a bar and did shots of gold tequila, which, by the way, I will never touch again.

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I still say sex – BUT I want to add that for a public-style party, the best thing you can do is pay attention to the little details the person will enjoy (although that goes for sex too….)

My most memorable birthday, I went to a dinner at a local restaurant with a few friends. No big deal. But when my friend came out with the birthday cake and candles, he began to lead the group in a rousing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” instead of the Birthday Song.

I had told once, in passing, that I despised the Birthday Song. I feel that it is impossible to sing in a group and always sounds off key. It’s also that I hate the focus of a place being turned to one individual…and in a public place there’s always the awkward “Happy Birthday dear (muffled name sounds coming from the crowd…).

It was so small, but at the same time anthemic.

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I like a smaller party. I love to go out to eat and celebrate it by drinking long Island Ice teas and eating a big fat steak.Then have sex like @iamthemob says and then pass out.

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FF !! That sounds perfect !!

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@Frenchfry (just makes sure he doesn’t have too many Long Island Ice Teas, or part two of the event may be a let down :-))

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I like to get a local Marching Band to help me serve breakfast in bed!

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Ganja. Then sex. Then ice cream.

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Get together with as many family members as possible and go out to a family friendly restaurant for a big meal, followed by a dessert and socializing at the house.

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I love parties but it’s a rarity to have my friends in the same place at the same time or the funds have been short. Most of my celebrations are done more intimately, an SO and I out to dinner or out of town for a few days.

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