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Nginx config for django apps?

Asked by knight (35points) September 21st, 2010


I have a big django app running with apache.
I would like to try nginx. The problem is that I have many instances on the same machine with different prefixes:

And I want them to run on the same port.

Is it possible to do such configuration with nginx and if yes, do you have an example/configs templates/places to read?
(Tried some docs and explanations an it didn’t work out)

Thanks, Alex A.

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You want to research virtual hosts.

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Ok. But where and how do I write my different prefixes?

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I think this thread will help you out.

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Thanks for the answer but I don’t have 2 apps running on different ports. I want them to run on one port. Is it possible?

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No. Internally they must run on different ports. To your users, they can be combined onto one using the aforementioned technique.

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Ok. And there is no way to run 2 fastcgi processes, for example and define that one prefix goes to the first one and another prefix goes to second?

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There is. You must run them on different port internally and expose them on the same IP with different paths for that to work. Does that make sense? You cannot run FCGI in two processes on the same port. That doesn’t matter though since you can use the link I posted in the beginning to expose your users to the different paths on the same port.

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