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Any ideas about why my car is overheating?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) September 21st, 2010

Okay so… 2000 Jeep Cherokee, newly rebuild engine, new radiator, check engine light is on…

Everything will start normally. I’ll drive, looking at the temp gauge, the temp will gradually rise. It will not stop at 210 F like normal. It goes right passed that to about 250 F, the check gauges light goes on. It will stay this way for a few minutes then it cool down and go back to the normal 210 F. It usually stays normal for the rest of the ride. There isn’t any steam coming out when it overheats. I’m thinking this just might be a thermostat problem or something like that. Does anyone have an ideas?

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I had a similar issue recently on my Mazda B3000 truck. Turned out to be a fan clutch.

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Get the engine warm and listen out for the fan cutting in. If it doesn’t, there’s your problem. Does this happen even when your Jeep is moving at speed or does it only occur in stop start traffic? If it happens whilst on the move at speed and the fan is cutting in and out normally then it could be an ECU problem.

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It doesn’t seem matter if I’m in traffic or on a highway. I left it running with my hood open. Both fans were running when it overheated. What is the ECU?

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Even though your fan is running, it still could be the fan clutch. It regulates how fast your fan runs and, therefore, how much air is blowing across the radiator.

There are a number of other things it could be like a stuck thermostat or a “cold spot” in the radiator (an internal clog that doesn’t allow the coolant to flow properly).

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Sounds like someone installed the wrong temperature thermostat, when they installed your rebuilt engine. if its still in warranty, take it back. if not, have a mechanic look at the thermostat to make sure the correct one was installed at engine rebuilt time.

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The ECU is the computer control for the engine. It regulates everything from fuel control to temperature. Have it checked out and get the thermostat checked as @john65pennington suggested.

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Probably your thermostat. Very cheap to replace.

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@filmfann It is cheap but it’s hard to get to right?

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I have replaced mine on my 96 Jeep, and it’s fairly easy. I used a Chiltons manual.

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It was the thermostat. I took it back to the shop. They did it for free. I hope I didn’t destroy my engine by over heating it.

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