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How do I get rid of these scrapes? And will I scar?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) September 21st, 2010

Okay, so basically, I’ve probably developed an allergy to mosquito bites, or I ran into some mutant mosquitoes. Without even realizing it, I scratched until I had scraped the skin enough to scab. I’ve had the damned scabs for weeks, and shaving is starting to take some of the scabs off, but my legs look horrible. Like I was attacked or something.

Why is this taking weeks to go away? They seem so superficial to still be there nearly a month later. Is there anything I can do to speed it up?

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Those sound more like chiggers than mosquitoes. Have you gone through tall grass lately?
I was et by chiggers a month or so ago, and I still have the marks.

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I would suggest you try Bio-oil. It is really good for scars etc. Here is the website. Hope it helps.

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@Nullo: No, they’re mosquitoes… definitely. We were sitting on someone’s porch whose yard is notorious for mosquitoes.

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I look like that all summer, and for about a month after the first freeze. I’m just extremely allergic to mosquitoes. I’m in mideastern Minnesota. I have one mosquito bite on the knuckle just where my ring finger connects to my hand. I got bit there in mid-June. The scab just went away a couple of weeks ago, and the scar will most likely always be able to be seen, but it’ll probably go away in a couple of months. You’ll probably experience the same thing or nearly.

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Try Therapy massage bar by Lush. It’s 100% organic and full of healing essential oils like neroli. It’s great for any kind of scarring on the body. You melt it between your palms and apply the oils or take the bar and rub it straight on to the area. It’s really moisturising, and the oils don’t absorb too quickly so you do have time to massage the area to bring blood and within that oxygen and nutrients to the area to help the skin heal.

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I just want to share my experience, like 2 years ago i fell down from my house to the cars trying to avoid the rain and y scraped my knee so bad, and deep, and I was always so worried about the scar because well it is a recent cut and i love to show off my legs so, the healing was quick but the sacar was visible for a long time, but i am very surprised that now you can barely see it, my advise is just to be patient and don’t peel the sacbs off even if they itch :)

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