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My kitten is crying and not eating too much, hes just been 24 hours with me, should I take him to the vet?

Asked by arturodiaz (553points) September 21st, 2010

I just got a little female kitten, two months old. When she arrived she run and hide, which is normal I guess. But know shes been always hiding, I havent seen her eat, or drink any water. Today she just peed in the floor and she cried a lot. I am worried shes suffering too much and may have a disease. Is it normal, or should I take her to the vet. thanks

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If you are concerned, take her to the veterinarian. If she’s not ill, they can begin her vaccination series at that time.

In the meantime, make sure that her litter box, her food (which should be whatever she was eating before you got her) and her water are near or in her hiding place. Forcing her to come out of hiding will only stress her more.

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The moment I got her I took her to the vet to start her vaccination and standard procedures, she has several hiding places, when I arrived from school she was below the toilet, then on the morning I found her behind some books in the bookshelf and also she likes to hide behind the desk. So its imposible to have it near her hiding place.
Maybe ill take her to the bet if she continues like this till tomorrow.

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BTW, she also shakes a lot!

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Take her in.

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could just be scared of the new surroundings, missing her mother or what not. Couldn’t hurt to take her in to be sure, but yah.

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Isn’t 2 months a bit young? It probably wants its mother, but I’d take it to the vet.

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@troubleinharlem shes a little bit young, but they were going to throw her. anyway, I took her to the vet when I got her, for a general checkup and a anti-parasites. The vet said she was ok.

But cause she has not eaten anything im getting worried

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@arturodiaz : D: poor baby! I suppose it is better than letting the sweet thing just die… I suppose you can’t take her to the vet right now?

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@troubleinharlem nop, i dont have any money right now(I am a student), and there is a place where they help you for free, but i dont want to take her out, I live in Mexico City and as you can imagine is a very noisy city, she gets really stressed. But they are going to pay me today, I already called a vet and is coming tomorrow to my apartment. Hes gonna charge me 10 bucks :D yay!

BTW, she just went out a little bit to explore the restroom, but she went back soon after, I guess is a good sign, she doesnt look too weak, im pretty sure shes gonna make it through the night, for that im not worried. But I dont want more time to pass after that.

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When asking an animal health question on Fluther… you will ALWAYS get the advice to take the animal to the vet. So that part is a given, far as Fluther goes.

If you are on limited money, then if I were you, I’d wait another week on that. The cat may be just stressed out. They can go many days without food.

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She’s young and she’s suddenly been taken away from her mother and siblings, and thrown into a strange big new place with strange big new people. She will be afraid, until she learns that she will come to no harm. She’ll eat when her hunger overcomes her fear. Leave food and water in a quiet place she can get to undisturbed and give her some time to explore.

I vote with @Kraigmo give her a week to settle in before worrying about needing veterinary attention, unless there are other more serious medical signs.

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@downtide @Kraigmo you may be true, I just put her in the middle of the room, and she jumped to a chair and then to the table, after jumped down again, and then run to the bathroom to hide again, she didnt seemed too sick to me, I think ill wait as you said. If she seems too weak ill call the vet to come. Oh! And after she explored a little bit the rest of the bathroom. Is just shes so adorable and I dont want her to be on pain! :)

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Leave a bowl of water in the bathroom where she can get it. Are you feeding her dry food? If so soften it with a little milk or water. leave a measured amount in the bathroom with her. If she hasn’t eaten anything by tomorrow you may have to buy a small eyedropper or a syringe without a needle and feed her some milk from it.

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I had a kitten about a year ago which was not socialized with humans well (because she was born and raised in my basement without me knowing it!). I tried placing her in a home (at about a couple of months old) and they brought her back a few days later and said the same thing you have said. She wouldn’t eat, drink or use the litter box. I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently she was just traumatized by the move. I would consult a vet and see what they say. If it is a health issue they can address that, if it is a social issue, they can help with that too.

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thanks everyone, good news! I started feeding her with my hand slowly and she started eating, after i gave her water from my hand and she took it too. I leaved her alone for about one hour and when I went to the bathroom she was eating all by herself. I guess shes gonna be fine finally. She is still not exploring too much, but i guess shell do in her time. I will still have to educate her for the litterbox, but Ive already trained a dog for that, so Im guessing a cat will be much easier as is their natural tendency.

@WestRiverrat they told me she was eating solid food already, and the vet told me it was the best thing to do, as she is two months old.

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That is great news. Food is the best thing to win over any animal. Just be patient and loving with her. She will begin to trust you and her surroundings. If you can, place her litter box near where she is hiding. She will gladly use it and then you can move it later to where you would rather her use it.

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