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DREAM -- Are Republicans right to say no to it? (see details)

Asked by ETpro (34480points) September 21st, 2010

DREAM is a proposal within this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. It’s an acronym for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. It says that those who came her before the age 16 can, at age 18 if otherwise qualified, join the US Military and through completing service in defense of the nation, gain a path to citizenship.

I just got the following urgent request from the Daily Events newsletter asking for contributions to defeat DREAM before it destroys the very fabric of our nation. I suppose that fabric can only hold if it’s white. What’s their beef? Here’s the email:

“Gird your loins, people. It begins today. Harry Reid is hijacking major defense legislation and using it as a tool to pass amnesty. Reid’s testing the waters Tuesday afternoon, as he seeks to end debate (“cloture”) on the National Defense Authorization Act, which funds military operations for the fiscal year 2011. The Nevada senator has attached two outlandish provisions to the bill, one of which is called the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act essentially “creates a pathway to citizenship” for young illegal aliens who’ve been in the country for five years and crossed the border before the age of 16.

“The politics are clear: Reid is in a tough reelection battle with Sharron Angle and hopes to galvanize Nevada’s coveted Hispanic vote by attaching a contentious amendment to a bill that has nothing to do with national defense. Reid and his liberal shills are touting the provision as a way to integrate illegal aliens into our culture, but in reality the DREAM Act would only encourage more illegal behavior and also drain our already-drained economy.

“Here are three things you need to know about the DREAM Act. And be sure to check Human Events throughout the day to see if any GOP Senators wimp out and allow Reid to proceed with the amnesty vote.” Jason Mattera

What do you think? Are Republicans right to say no on this issue, or are they demonizing immigrants for political purposes?

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A hatefest against people who risk their lives for you. Sadly, I am not surprised.

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That bill seems completely reasonable.

Lets be honest here. We are about to be fucked really hard when the boomers get to the entitlement age. Our only options are cutting the programs, raising taxes, or letting in more people that can legally work and and pay taxes.

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I don’t believe they are right to say no to the DREAM Act. The US has a very long history of enlisting/conscripting foreigners into the military in order to gain citizenship and rights and benefits, all the way back to conscripting young Irish men just off the boats into the Union army during the Civil War.

This seems to be another reason to say no to something the Democrats want. It’s pure politics and it’s racially motivated.

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Yet another attack on immigration.

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The dream act was actually introduced by Orin Hatch a Utah Republican. So it just goes to show you that the elephants don’t really want to do anything but regain power. Vote please vote and tell a friend.

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I have no idea about this issue, but I can tell by the rhetoric against it…. it’s another instance of Fox/ClearChannel/Salem/Sinclair (all those networks use the same RNC Talking Points) drumming up controversy and hatred out of thin air.

And if Republicans and Democrats really want to stop this nonsense, they need to amend the rules of their Houses, to prevent the ability of their members to introduce more than 1 piece of legislation in the same bill. Whenever the Democrats want to give something… the Republicans add a bunch of corrupt crap to prevent the Democratic bill from being progressive. The opposite is true too, but to a lesser degree.

The Republican leadership of America is the most corrupt group of mainstream people there are.

And the Democratic leadership are the most submissive to their supposed opposition.

As far as this Dream Bill goes… there would be no controversy over it if Americans weren’t so easily influenced by cable TV and AM radio.

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~Racial hate from the far right?! This is shocking. I’m shocked.~

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You know, we have had exactly the same program with the Philippines since WW2. I knew many of them while I was in the Navy.

Too many Americans take their citizenship for granted. It would be a great thing to have these young motivated people in our military. Our country gets their service and they become full fledged members of our society. It sounds like a great program IMHO!

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I like the idea

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That whole illegal immigrant thing is sooooo last month. This month it’s tax cuts. Wait a little while and opposition to DREAM will reside only in the minds of a diehard fanatical 2% while everybody else has moved on to THE NEXT BIG THING as dictated by the indocrination industry Americans call news. Welcome to the United States of Amnesia where it really doesn’t matter because nobody remembers it anyway.

Programs like DREAM have been aroung since WWII and have served our country well. I’m for expanding it.

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I’m with @Ron_C. This program sounds like a wonderful idea. It would encourage enlistment which would help delay possibly indefinitely the draft and it would give these young men and women valuable skills which would make them even more productive members of society. One question though. Would these people have the option of staying on as career military or would this act only allow for the minimum of service?

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I was just shocked by the absurdity of the Republican argument against it. THey said they opposed it because they did not believe that things not related to defense should be part of the National Defense Authorization Act. How on Earth is a way to get more recruits for the military, something our Army and Marine Corps desperately need, not related to defense? It is psychobabble.

And just for the record, Back when they controlled Congress, Republicans attached at least 6 different pieces of legislation related to their own priorities like sweetheart deals for healthcare insurers, tax cuts for targeted non defense industries, and campaign finance changes to Defense Authorization Acts.

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